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Our quick weekend trip to Nassau, Bahamas. Here’s a quick guide on what there is to do around the island and where we stayed.

As most of you know, a few weeks ago, Jason and I headed down to Nassau, Bahamas! We stayed at Breezes Resorts & Spas while we were there. Can you believe the view from one of their rooms? The ocean was stunning and this was one afternoon when it finally cleared up after raining for most of the day.

What I really liked about Breezes Resort is that it’s all-inclusive, meaning once you get there and check-in, you never really have to carry a wallet again (unless, of course, you head out of the hotel). They give you a wristband and basically everything is included. They have bars all over the resort as well as food huts where you just go up and order whatever is on the menu. It makes for a really great place to stay if you’re trying to stay on a budget and keep your teenagers happy. There are a ton of activities to do every day. They have this huge whiteboard of allllll the extensive activities listed out and most of them are included with your stay. Did I mention that they have a flying trapeze and rock climbing wall? So neat, huh?

Every evening they have entertainment shows and a theme night. When we were there, Thursday was toga night and Saturday was their cultural Junkanoo show. I forgot what Friday was :( but if you’re ever there, you can’t forget because of the huge whiteboard!

The sun was setting in this direction and I just thought it was such beautiful light.

While on this trip, we were able to go downtown and go sight-see some of what Nassau had to offer. We got a tour of a rum distillery, we saw a fort that was used back in the day for prisoners, and we got some real local food at a local fish fry area. It was so delicious! I love having a taste of the local culinary scene.

They had food trucks in this fish fry area along with restaurants.

Sky juice. One word: dangerous. This drink tastes like a coconut paradise and if you get it leaded (haha isn’t that a funny term), you will probably be crawling home :) it tastes nothing like alcohol until it hits ya! It’s a coconut rum drink and you have to be very careful with it ;) I honestly could’ve had at least 3 of them. They were so tasty!!

This was one of the local fish fry places called Twin Brothers!

Their conch fritters were so good. We actually liked them more than the ones we had in Turks & Caicos.

Cranberry rolls.

Their conch salad was even better than the Turks & Caicos one we had, too. This was so fresh and so full of flavor!

Kalik beer is the beer of the Bahamas. The name Kalik is derived from the sound of cowbells that are clanked together during the annual Bahamian festival, Junkanoo. Isn’t that cool? I love the name. We couldn’t stop saying “Kalik!” haha

Fried conch and fish

They call this peas & rice, but I think it’s just red beans and rice for Americans :)

Conch mac & cheese – you can’t go wrong with that!

This was the John Watling’s rum distillery. I’ve actually never been a liquor distillery before. It was really neat. Everything smelled like rum, haha :)

This 1789 Buena Vista historic estate was gorgeous!!

Just look at those stairs!

There was this super deep well in the back of the house that everyone was looking down. I’m really afraid of heights so I couldn’t look down it at all. My legs would give out and become jello :)

Guess who also got to come on this trip? My lovely friend and fellow food blogger, Claire!!

Yum! Rum!

Barrels and barrels of it!

They have 3 types of rum. Pale, Amber, and, Buena Vista (named after the estate!)

Claire and I got to be bartenders for a few minutes :)

We then drove through downtown Nassau where the cruise ships come in and also where there’s a lot of rich history. The Bahamas had just celebrated their 40th Independence Day so downtown was decorated to the 9’s. I love their country colors. So pretty and vibrant!

This is the front of their dollar bill!

And the back.

We then headed to Fort Charlotte.

This fort was built during the American Revolution in the 18th Century but it was never used in war. We went inside and there were all these etching from prisoners. We also saw this tiny dungeon room where up to 41 prisoners stayed at one point.


This is a suite at the Breezes Resorts & Spa. A nice little living room overlooking the gorgeous ocean.

A very nice bar area for having some company over :)

I think these bathrooms were recently renovated. They looked really nice. I really liked the bowl sink!

At Breezes, they have two main restaurants, aside from the main dining area. They have an Italian-themed restaurant called Martino’s and then they had this elegant continental-themed restaurant called Garden of Eden. You need reservations at both. This outdoor seating area was so nice and relaxing. We were all able to sit down and chat and enjoy the nice ocean breeze. I will say, bring bug spray! This is the exact place where I got over 20 bug bites, 14 of them on my left leg! :)

Ok, and then we got a little silly. We were mimicing the statues in the background.

Oh and then there’s Claire and I…

Obligatory prom pose!

I wish I could remember the name of these. I believe they were kind of like shrimp and conch hush puppies.

This was a fried conch salad.

A shrimp appetizer.

This mango dessert was so light and fruity!

I’m so glad Claire was also on this trip! We were able to do a lot together (I’m sure Jason LOVED hearing our conversations, haha). We got a complimentary massage on Saturday. Oh my gosh – it was amazing. They have their spas in huts out on the beach so you get to hear the ocean waves crashing as you’re getting your massage. It was amazing. I enjoyed it so very much.

We had nightly happy hours in this piano bar downstairs. This piano bar stays open until the last person leaves. Ahh, that’s crazy! If I were the pianist, I would fall asleep, lol!

Our overall stay at Breezes was good. I definitely think that there could be some renovations done to the resort, as it feels a little dated, but as with all hotels/resorts, that happens with time and that’s totally ok. I’m sure it’s in the works – they already renovated the bathrooms so I bet the rooms and common areas are next.

It’s more of a college/family with teenagers vibe, not something I’d recommend for honeymooners. There were definitely a lot of couples there, too but there weren’t young families because your kids have to be 14+. This is a great place if you’re looking to vacation in the Caribbean on a budget but to also get your money’s worth as far as how everything is included in what you pay for! Plus, you’re in Nassau, Bahamas, what more could you ask for? :)

Breezes Resorts and Spas hosted us for the weekend and paid for our travel expenses. Our opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. What an awesome review! Those pictures are outstanding. I could almost taste the Conch Fritters!! And a nice cold Kalik…… Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for visiting our humble place at the Bahamas. Hope you can drop by at our area in Nassau anytime and enjoy with the locals.

  3. My boyfriend and I are heading to Nassau in a few weeks, would you recommend staying on the beach, or closer to downtown for the nightlife?

    1. If you’re a beach person and like easy access to the beach (and plan on going to the beach every day to soak it all up!) then I would recommend staying on the beach.

  4. Very informative! Nice photos!! I am in Nassau, enjoying the food, the beaches, everything. (: