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Everywhere you should eat if you're ever in San Diego, California!!

When Jason and I visited my brother in LA over Thanksgiving, we knew we wanted to take a drive down to San Diego. It’s only a couple hours’ drive (well, if there was no traffic, lol) and Silvercar had graciously lent us an Audi A4 to drive around for the week so it was a no-brainer that we would take advantage and head on down to SD! I also have a couple friends from high school that live there so it was a perfect situation all around.

Here are all the San Diego eats that we hit up!!


We decided to take the longer, more scenic, route to San Diego. Instead of going straight down on the interstate, we decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) so we went through all these beach towns and famous landmarks that you saw on MTV (Laguna Beach, The Hills, anyone?). When we drove through Laguna Beach, we stopped for lunch at Slapfish. Omg, this seafood shack on the west coast KILLED it! We had CHOWDER fries and one of the best lobster claw rolls!! Oh it was so satisfying after all that driving!






Hands down the best brunch place in San Diego. You gotta get yourself over to Snooze. There is almost always a wait but they text you when your table is ready so we just walked around and browsed in nearby stores. It was SO WORTH THE WAIT, you guys.


We ordered entirely way too much food but we were starving AND we could not pass up the PANCAKE FLIGHT!










A breakfast pot pie!!!









Okay, time to talk to you guys about the greatest car rental concept, ever. Meet Silvercar. I first heard of Silvercar from Gaby when she mentioned it in passing at one point. I had filed it in the back of my mind for a future trip to a city that Silvercar serviced.

Jason and I both drive Audi’s. Him an S3 and me a Q5 so we both know the Audi layout and feel and it’s just nice to drive a luxury rental car. When I heard that Silvercar’s fleet was only Audi A4’s, I was immediately intrigued. We always hate renting cars because you always end up with shoddy cars that barely have any basic functions to them, and not to mention, every time I’ve rented a car, the navigation system was like an extra $13/day or something silly because in most cars, it’s standard so why would I want to pay for one?!

Anyway, with Silvercar, everything from the reservation process to the pickup and drop-off was flawless and SO MODERN. Why don’t all rental companies do this? You download the Silvercar app, make your reservation, and then when you get to your destination, you simply text or call the number from your Silvercar app and they meet you for your rental pickup. Once you get your rental, you scan the QR code on the Audi’s front windshield and you check off a few boxes on your iPhone app, and boom. You are on your way. Seriously, the whole process took less than 10 minutes. NO LINES and no rude customer service representatives. When it was time for drop-off, you drove the car to the drop-off location (which is next to the airport and the location is already put into your car’s navigation system) and that was it. They scanned the car in and they drive you to the airport and you’re on your way! So so easy.

I loved that not only did you get an Audi A4 as a rental car, you also got XM radio, navigation, an EZ-pass type device for tolls, and free wifi! It was actually like being in our own car since we both drive Audi’s. It was sooo nice!

You should give Silvercar a try! If you use promo code TableForTwo50, you will get $50 off your first Silvercar rental!

Disclaimer: Silvercar provided us with a complimentary 8-day rental while we were in California. Thank you, Silvercar!






Between all the eating, we stopped off at La Jolla cove to walk around and catch the breathtaking views of the coast!












Afterwards, we met up with my high school buddy (who’s also named Jason, lol) at the USS Midway. There was a groupon deal for entrance tickets so we decided to do it! The tour and the aircraft carrier was so neat. I highly recommend it. It seems touristy, and it is, but it’s one of those things you just have to do if you love history.


Afterwards, we headed over to Ballast Point Brewery. Jason loves craft beers and Ballast Point is one of his favs so we knew we had to do this since Ballast Point is local to San Diego.


We were all starving at that point so we also ordered a bunch of appetizers and I ordered a salad because I don’t get nearly enough greens into my system when I travel!






We went to dinner at Puesto that night. Since it was a Tuesday, it was also Taco Tuesday! All the taco’s were $2.50, which was a great deal. Their margaritas were on point, too, so definitely get a glass or two of those.




We were craving dessert afterwards so where is the best place to go for dessert? Extraordinary Desserts of course! This place has the most gorgeous dessert creations!!! I mean, they’re just way too pretty to eat!








On our last day in San Diego, I got the chance to meet up with one of my favorite people I met through blogging, Kristen! She gave me a huge list of San Diego brunch places and we decided to go to Breakfast Republic because she hadn’t been before and I figured why not both of us try something new together?! The server probably thought we were crazy. We ordered SO MUCH FOOD!! They had a French toast flight and we HAD to get that!!




They also had a coffee flight and you KNOW how I feel about coffee. This was a MUST!




I finally learned how to pronounce chilaquiles, lol


The best breakfast mac and cheese, ever!! And they had something called Jurassic bacon, LOL








My brother and Jason were waiting for Kristen and I to finish brunch so they went down the street to this gorgeous coffee shop, Holsem. I loved every element in this coffee shop. So clean and aesthetically pleasing. The gold elements were such great pops of color too!




They had a Nutella cold brew with chocolate shavings on top. You knew I had to get that!!


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  1. LOVE Extraordinary Desserts and Puesto! Have yet to try Slapfish and Breakfast Republic after living in SD for nearly 3 years but will keep it on my list!

  2. Silvercar is the best! glad you had such a good experience. Also, that brunch from Snooze looks incredible!!

  3. Snooze is amazing. We go there every time we’re in Denver for breakfast. In fact, we’ll be eating there in a couple of weeks and cannot wait!

  4. Those lobster rolls look amazing. Actually, it all looks amazing. I wish I was that close to California! Luckily I am visiting Cali for the first time this summer. Getting excited! I like your pink hair BTW.