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The Life Update You’ve All Been Waiting For…

By living my life publicly and letting you all in for the past nine years, I knew I’d eventually have to write this post and address what has been going on. I’ve opened this post countless times since I wrote it months ago and just held onto it; making sure to post it at the “right time.” Truth be told, there is no “right time.”

I don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation for what has been going on, but the constant DM’s on Instagram and the same questions swirling on every Instagram Story make me feel I do need to address this so I can put this to rest once and for all.

Jason and I are no longer together.

I will not be fielding questions or comments about this topic to protect my privacy, Jason’s privacy and our personal lives going forward.

Don’t worry. Table for Two, at its core, will not be changing. Content-wise, the person behind it — nothing will be changing. If anything, I’ll have even more in store for you. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more videos, date nights, and lots of fun, fresh, new content!

To answer another question I got often that kept reopening a wound: no, Winston is no longer with me. My lifestyle isn’t fit for Winston and it would be unfair to him. He is with Jason – I didn’t make this clear in the initial publish of this post and I had a lot of people write me asking. I would never give Winston away to anyone. He’s with his dad. He’s doing extremely well and getting into their own routine, and I honestly couldn’t be happier that he’s happy.

But it still is probably to date, the hardest decision I made in my life. Every time I get to this section of the post to edit or re-read, I start crying. To give up your dog, one that had been by your side for four years, the one that gave you love and companionship when you didn’t have any…it’s fucking hard.

You guys know how much I loved Winston. Winston was literally my entire world. Day and night he was by my side. He would be by my feet in the kitchen when I developed recipes for the blog, or sitting next to my photography boards during photoshoots, or laying next to my feet in my office while I worked all day from home or in bed with me keeping watch over me until I fell asleep.

True love means you are selfless, but even knowing that and knowing deep down it was the best decision to make…it still doesn’t make it any easier. I’ll miss him being my shadow and I’ll miss everything about him, but I hope he knows that I did this for him and that I knew his quality of life would be better this way.

Finally, the other question I’m getting more often now because of the boxes showing up in my Stories is, “are you selling the house?” and “are you moving?”

Yes, the house went under contract with two offers in two days of it being on the market. I was signing papers in Mexico on vacation, LOL…and that kind of answers the question of whether or not I’m moving, ha

While all of this has been shitty, I will say that there were a lot of lessons learned, a lot of growth, a lot of tears, but ultimately, in the end, I am very happy.