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Brownies and bars are a dessert favorite that you must have in your recipe repertoire!

Below, you’ll find creative and unique flavor recipes of brownies and bars that you can bake up in your own home!

Notable brownies and bars recipes are: raspberry coconut bars, oatmeal and chocolate cookie bars, and fudgy dirty chai dark chocolate brownies.

Oatmeal and Chocolate Cookie Bars

What do you think would happen if an oatmeal cookie had a baby with a chocolate cookie? This oatmeal and chocolate cookie bar creation would be born. And born it was. These oatmeal and chocolate cookie bars are basically heaven on a plate. The gooey chocolate center sandwiched with an oatmeal cookie base is basically …

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Oreo Cheesecake Bars

Note: This post first appeared on February 29, 2012. The photography got a facelift! Enjoy! Oreo’s. The chocolate sandwich cookie that I find absolutely irresistible. I am a fan of cookies and creme everything especially in the form of ice cream and milkshakes. The big question is: regular or double-stuffed? Double-stuffed all the way. Whenever I …

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Eggnog Cheesecake Bites with Gingersnap Crust

You guys. I need some sweet relief. I have the worst neck and shoulder pain. I’m my chiro’s stiffest client and it’s progressively getting worse. I know the computer time doesn’t help but hey – I’m a web developer. I can’t change that. I can change my posture and I’m constantly working on it. I’m …

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