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Killarney National Park


From Kenmare, we set out for Killarney National Park. On paper, it’s not that far and you can choose to spend however long you want there but let me tell you, there are so many stops along the way that you’ll likely want to allot at least half a day for this.

It’s also incredibly beautiful and there are just so many opportunities for photos. I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

There’s good signage everywhere and it’s basically one road all the way from Kenmare. You just take N-71 all the up and drive around the park.

There are many pull-off points. You just have to be careful because they’re so tiny and literally right on the side of a cliff, haha

Driving along the road is just incredible.

Everything just drops off into a gorgeous valley.

You see farms and houses. I would love to live here.

It is so peaceful and serene.

There weren’t as many cars on the road as I thought there would be.

This was Ross Castle and we didn’t go inside. Didn’t feel like paying the admission fee, lol

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