My Favorite Sleep Supplement

My favorite sleep supplement that I take 30 minutes before bed! It’s 100% natural and it is non-habit forming. This is NOT a sponsored post; it’s what I have discovered and loving lately. I simply want to share with you what has been working for me and if you have difficulty sleeping and staying asleep; this may be for you!

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Easy Chicken Shawarma Quinoa Bowls

These easy chicken shawarma quinoa bowls are a meal prepping lover's dream. They're so customizable and easy to put together and have for the week! #ad #svorganic #svo #farmerfocus #chickenrecipe #chickenshawarma #chickendinner

Meal prep and get ahead of your week with this easy chicken schawarma recipe. It’s so easy to customize your quinoa bowls and top with the chicken schawarma. If you love extra flavorful meals, the spices on this chicken will have you falling in love with this recipe and making it over and over again!

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My Daily Coffee Story

Every morning over on Instagram stories, I get asked what I’m making. Everyone loves watching me make it because it’s mesmerizing and soothing. It’s my daily iced latte and it’s beyond easy to make and sooo good! The perfect morning drink!

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Sugared Soy Sauce Salmon

Who doesn't love a sweet and salty combination on top of buttery, flakey salmon? This sugared soy sauce salmon is a quick and easy weeknight meal! #meatlessmonday #seafood #salmon #salmonrecipes #soysauce #asian

This was a favorite childhood dish of ours. It is incredibly easy to make and the salty/sweet combination goes so well with the buttery, flakey salmon!

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Daily Supplements I’m Taking

Daily supplements I take to support my mind, body, and heart! I’m definitely not a medical professional of any kind but after doing a bunch of research and reading, I found that these supplements are the most helpful for me. Many of you have asked for this post so here it is!

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