Blackberry Yogurt Popsicles

A great way to enjoy yogurt and berries! These crowd-pleasing blackberry yogurt popsicles are kid and adult friendly and they're the perfect treat to curb that sweet tooth! Who wouldn't want these refreshing treats on a stick to grab out of the freezer?!

Am I dating myself by saying that whenever I hear ‘blackberry,’ I’m wondering if someone is talking about the mobile device or if they’re talking about the fruit? We actually still use Blackberries at work and I’m actually surprised they’re still in business. They were cool in like 2009 with the keyboard and the BBM (it felt like a secret society — “what’s your BBM?”) and Kim Kardashian was always on her’s so you automatically felt like you needed one.…

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Strawberry Mint Crisp

A quick and easy way to use up all your fresh mint from the garden and the fresh strawberries of the season! Strawberry mint crisp is an easy dessert with the most flavorful crisp topping! Don't forget the ice cream scoop on top!

Oh my gosh, you guys. The amount of mint I had last month was insane. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with all the mint plant was producing. In case you couldn’t tell that I was up to my eyeballs in mint…I have yet another recipe that I incorporated mint into. I wanted to make mint simple syrup as a way to get rid of it all easily but I also wouldn’t use it often because I don’t typically…

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Triple Mushroom and Herb Grilled Pizza

Mushroom lovers will be in paradise with this triple mushroom and herb grilled pizza! The earthy and hearty mushrooms on top of this pizza pair perfectly with the creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheese!

Monday’s deserve a pizza recipe because when I think of pizza, I think of weekend and I would just like to live in that ignorant bliss stage and pretend that it’s still the weekend. We had a very good weekend. It was the first weekend in the past month that we didn’t have any plans and any entertaining. We literally just vegged on the couch and binge-watched Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle (omg so good. We’re on the…

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Winston’s 2nd Barkday

We celebrated Winston’s 2nd barkday (birthday) last Saturday by inviting his friends over to finally play in our new big backyard that we basically purchased because of Winston, haha All day we kept telling him about how all his friends were going to come over and play and obviously we knew he couldn’t understand us but I think he could “feel” our excitement because 10 minutes before everyone showed up…he was super restless and wondering why we were setting up…

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Lemon Ginger Peach Spritzer

This lemon ginger peach spritzer is so fresh and refreshing that you'll be sipping on this all day! The flavors pair perfectly together and it's so easy to make with all the peaches you've picked up at the market!

We finally found a new show to watch! The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime. I love WWII stuff and this show is shot in the perspective of the United States losing the war and the Germans and Japanese control the United States. So half the United States is under German control and the other half is under Japanese control. It just blows my mind to even think that way but it’s such a cool concept and so…

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