Cookbook Club: Magnolia Table

I’m a *little* behind with sharing our cookbook club meet ups. They are definitely still happening every other month and my girlfriends and I are seriously LOVING it. I feel that we have gotten into a good groove in terms of what we all choose to bring. I usually pick something savory (because I hate baking) and so does one or two others and then we usually always have one or two desserts. It seriously could not work out more…

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Mexican Street Corn off the Cob

A less messy way to eat Mexican street corn! This Mexican street corn off the cob is one you'll want to make for all your parties year-round! #mexicanstreetcorn #corn #mexican #sidedish #cornrecipe

This Mexican street corn off the cob reminds me of Anthony Bourdain’s ability to transport you to another country and to try something new. They say you can mourn someone you’ve never met before and I truly believe that after this weekend. I know it may seem silly to mourn a “celebrity’s death” but I think any death is sad, especially one that’s untimely and one that leaves you with hundreds of questions. I feel that even though Anthony Bourdain…

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How’s Your Mental Health?

I know, I know. Not something you want to talk about. But, I think we should. In light of everything that has happened this past week, I wanted to reach out to you all and do a mental health check together. How are you feeling? Are you struggling in any way? Is there something on your mind that’s bothering you? Are you content? Happy? Bored? Let’s chat. I can start first. And it’s going to make me extremely vulnerable but…

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The Most Fluffy and Buttery Biscuits Ever

You'll want these biscuits on your breakfast table! They're so fluffy, buttery, and incredibly tender. You won't be able to just eat one! #biscuits #breakfast #breakfastrecipes

Joanna Gaines is brilliant. I wish I could take credit for these fluffy, buttery biscuits but I owe all the credit to her. These biscuits were beyond anything I’ve ever tasted from a biscuit. In fact, these biscuits reminded me of biscuits you get at a southern cafe or a fried chicken fast food place. I know you might think that it’s demeaning to compare homemade biscuits to a fast food place but I think that’s what she was going…

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What I Eat for Breakfast: Breakfast Ideas for You!

I used to be a breakfast hater. I never knew what to make for breakfast and thought it was so much effort that early in the morning. More than 90% of the time, I’d skip breakfast or eat something completely unsatisfying and I’d be hungry two hours later. These days, I’m a breakfast LOVER and it’s usually the biggest meal for me. I believe that you have to fuel your body correctly from the start of the day in order…

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