The Moistest Chocolate Mug Cake

The moistest chocolate mug cake you will ever have! It's not spongy like other mug cakes! Recipe on

Holy bananas, you guys. It has been FOUR YEARS since I first developed this chocolate mug cake recipe. Omg, it seriously feels like just yesterday. Ever since then it has broken the internet. Well, not really, but it’s the most popular dessert recipe on my site to date — for good reason! I’m revisiting this mug cake post specifically today because 1. I have a recipe video that goes with it now (check below right above the recipe!), 2. I…

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Amsterdam: Row Houses and Canals

Amsterdam and its iconic row houses and canals!

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since we left for Amsterdam and a week since we have been back. Vacation always go by so fast, doesn’t it? I’m excited to share with you guys a series of Amsterdam photos broken up into different categories. Today, I’m sharing with you the row houses and canals that are iconic Amsterdam. Everywhere we went, the canals were flanked with row houses on either side. I loved this canal city. It’s so so…

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Current Beauty Favs: January

I haven’t done these in ages and now that I’m way more into skincare and makeup, I feel like I should roundup my favs to share with you guys! Many of the products you see below are ones that have been tried and true with me and ones that I have used for months and months. Hopefully you’ll find some that you want to try and/or some that you already use! If there is enough interest, I can try to…

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Bacon Wrapped Lasagna

Who could say no to bacon wrapped lasagna? Once you have a bite of this, you will won't want to make lasagna any other way! This is such an awesome, decadent spin on the classic and traditional lasagna!

When is bacon wrapped lasagna NOT a good idea? I mean, it’s practically calling your name and I know you’re dying to try it. A friend of ours told me about this one day when I walked into her house to pick Winston up daycare. The smell was intoxicating and I knew bacon was cooking but then she told me she wrapped a lasagna in bacon, I was like wait. WUT?!

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Creamy White Bean and Bacon Soup

Creamy white bean and bacon soup will warm you right up! The flavors are INCREDIBLE - smokey, creamy, and so hearty!!

Whenever really cold days roll around, I’m all about soups and lots of it! I love making a big pot of soup and having it as leftovers for days. Sometimes, a really good soup gets better the longer it sits. This creamy white bean and bacon soup is definitely one of those! This creamy white bean & bacon soup is perfect for those cold days and I’ve got a new video below to show you how to make it! I…

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