Utrecht, Netherlands

We took the train 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam to this cute little canal city called Utrecht. I fell in love. This city is so quaint and adorable. Although it looks kind of like Amsterdam with the rowhouses flanked alongside the canals; there was something more special about this city. It’s extremely scenic and they have the cutest stores and cafes. I’m so glad a reader suggested going here as a day trip. It was incredibly easy to get to…

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Roasted Parmesan Carrots

The easiest side dish to accompany any dinner! Full of flavor and can be easily modified to your flavor profile and preferences!

Prepare yourselves for the easiest side dish to add to your dinner routine. These roasted parmesan carrots are incredibly easy but SO delicious. I used to not really be much of a carrot fan. My parents pushed carrots on me often as a kid. They kept saying that it would help with my vision (spoiler alert: it didn’t haha). Pretty much the only way I would eat carrots as a kid was dipped in ranch dressing. Even as an adult,…

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Cheddar Jalapeño Tater Tot Frittata

This cheddar jalapeno tater tot frittata has everything you want in one dish! Your entire breakfast is cooked in one skillet and the tater tot crust is crispy and THE BEST PART of this frittata!

This cheddar jalapeño tater tot frittata is unlike any other frittata you’ve had because I’ve elevated it by adding a TATER TOT CRUST to it! My new recipe video below shows you how to make it! Make it along with me and it is guaranteed a crowd-pleasing recipe!

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Food and Markets in Amsterdam

Amsterdam had so much good food and beautiful markets to walk through. There were staple traditional foods that you “had” to get and then there were places that people recommended to us. Many of you messaged me on Instagram and emailed me all these recommendations and we tried our best to hit up all of them. Maybe you’ll see some of the ones you recommended below! :) Anyway, hopefully these photos below of my food and markets of Amsterdam give…

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Instant Pot Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Wild Rice Stew

I think I’m starting to accept the fact that the Washington D.C. area is probably not getting any snow this winter. It’s mid-February and we’ve seen two dustings. We’ve had low temps (in the 10’s) but no precipitation. If this isn’t global warming, I’m not sure what it is. It sucks! I wanted one large snow in our new home so Winston can romp around in the backyard, leash-free, for the first time. If you know where to find snow…

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