The Moistest Very Vanilla Mug Cake

  • The vanilla version to my chocolate mug cake is this very vanilla mug cake! It’s just as easy to make as her chocolate friend and just as light and fluffy! Still has no eggs and fully customizable!

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on

    A very vanilla mug cake to rule the land!

    If you have been hanging around the blog for a few years now, you’ll know that my chocolate mug cake has been such a hit.

    But not everyone is a fan of chocolate, which is quite shocking.

    That’s always the age-old question, right? “Chocolate or vanilla?”

    So if you are a vanilla lover, here is the vanilla mug cake version of the chocolate mug cake!

    Honestly, several of people asked for one and honestly, it wasn’t a bad idea.

    It’s like having chocolate and vanilla ice cream flavors to choose from.

    Sometimes you’re wanting chocolate, some days you’re wanting vanilla. Same deal for mug cakes, right?

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on

    What is a mug cake?

    I still seem to get this question a lot and a mug cake is literally as it sounds. A cake that is made in a mug!

    It’s great because you don’t need to whip out a bunch of tools to make this simple mug cake.

    This vanilla mug cake is made without eggs. Why?

    Okay, I get asked this a lot too and the reason why this mug cake is made without any eggs is because that is what makes it have a spongey texture!

    If you think about it, it makes sense. Why would you put an entire egg into a mug cake when a regular full-sized cake often asks for one or two eggs?

    This isn’t a full-sized cake. And of course I’m not going to ask you to divide an egg in half.

    Just omit it! Best texture, ever!

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on

    Can I make this with self-raising flour?

    You can, but I tested it with self-raising flour and it just came out spongey and not the texture I wanted.

    I like my cakes light, fluffy, and moist and with the self-raising flour, it just didn’t yield the results I wanted.

    There have been many people who have used self-raising flour in this recipe and didn’t notice a difference so if you’re up for the challenge, I say go for it.

    Can this mug cake be made in the oven?

    No, this was solely developed for the microwave. I have had readers who have baked this but I honestly recall how it turned out and/or what temperature or time.

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on

    What is different about this vanilla mug cake vs. your chocolate mug cake?

    Well, for one, the most obvious: this is vanilla, not chocolate!

    Additionally, this mug cake takes slightly longer to “bake” since the batter is thicker than the chocolate mug cake one.

    Also, this vanilla version is easier to be built upon (or at least I think so) – add chocolate chips to it, a dollop of peanut butter, a dollop of nutella, anything!

    I mean, what you can put on a cupcake, I’m sure you could put in this :)

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on

    If you love mug cakes, you may like these different variations on my vanilla mug cake:

    This is basically vanilla cake in a mug! Grab your mug and get the recipe below!

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on #mugcake #vanillamugcake #vanillacake #cakeinamug #vanilla

    The moistest very vanilla mug cake is like a fluffy vanilla cupcake in a mug! Recipe on
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    The Moistest Very Vanilla Mug Cake

    A light and fluffy vanilla version of my famous chocolate mug cake!
    Prep Time: 5 mins
    Cook Time: 2 mins
    Total Time: 7 mins
    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: American
    Servings (adjustable, but please note that results, timing, and cookware may vary when adjusting servings): 1
    Calories: 520
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    • 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp all-purpose flour
    • 2 tbsp granulated sugar
    • 1/4 tsp baking powder
    • 1/8 tsp salt
    • 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp milk
    • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
    • 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
    • 2 tbsp butter, melted


    • In a medium bowl, whisk together dry ingredients.
    • In a measuring cup, whisk together milk, vanilla bean paste, and vanilla extract.
    • Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients then pour the milk mixture into the center, followed by the melted butter.
    • Whisk until no lumps remain and batter is smooth and well combined.
    • Pour into a 16-ounce microwave-safe mug.
    • Microwave on high for 130 seconds or 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
    • Carefully remove and enjoy!


    Please note that ALL microwaves are different therefore can yield different results and can overcook this mug cake if you aren’t careful. My microwave is 950 watts and I cooked mine on 100% power for 130 seconds. Knowing this information, it may help you better judge how long to cook yours for and at what power.
    Remember, 130 seconds is 2 minutes and 10 seconds. It is quite long if your microwave is a higher wattage than mine; therefore, could OVERCOOK your mug cake. To play it safe, if your microwave wattage is higher than mine, I would try 100 seconds first and then increment it by 10 seconds until it's fully cooked through.
    Note about the vanilla bean paste: if you do not have vanilla bean paste on hand, that is ok. You just won't have the vanilla bean specks in your cake. If you're omitting the vanilla bean paste (ONLY if you're omitting the vanilla bean paste), use 1 tbsp. of vanilla extract instead of 1/2 tbsp. I do highly suggest the vanilla bean paste, though, because it gives it a deeper vanilla fragrance and taste!
    Nutrition Facts
    The Moistest Very Vanilla Mug Cake
    Amount Per Serving (1 mug cake)
    Calories 520 Calories from Fat 225
    % Daily Value*
    Fat 25g38%
    Carbohydrates 62g21%
    Fiber 2g8%
    Sugar 29g32%
    Protein 7g14%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    *Nutrition facts are an estimate and not guaranteed to be accurate.
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  • Marianne says:

    Thank you for this recipe. I made it exactly as written and it was delicious!!!

  • Mary P. says:

    I would like to make several other flavors ‘ like apple — peach— maybe pineapple — or red cake — I guess I could just add red coloring to the white cake– but need help with the others– thanks

  • spencer says:

    help!! i made it exactly as said, but it’s a spongey mess that didn’t rise at all.

  • Cortney Alcantara says:

    I’m surprised there is no need for egg! I don’t know what wattage my microwave is,so I assumed it was really high and stopped the microwaving at 80 seconds. I think the key is to not overmicrowave it. I took it out when the top wa separating from the sides.Mine was soft and only slightly fluffy but not at all spongey. Tastes like a super soft underbaked fluffy sugar cookie but without eggs! The bottom is definitely more dense. I could have left it in for another 10 seconds. Super yummy.

  • Becca says:

    Is the vanilla bean paste necessary (or could you sub something)? I always have everything else on hand, and they don’t sell it at any grocery store around me.



    • Julie says:

      Hi, I address this in the recipe notes below.

  • Aurora says:

    This recipe is amazing! Five stars from me! I double double this recipe, and instead of butter, I used melted coconut oil. Works better than I thought XD I recommend this recipe. I also used spelt flour instead of AP flour, and it worked out great. So spongey!

  • Jocelyn says:

    It dose not work I whisked for 3 mins and still found flour at the bottom

    • Julie says:

      That’s not the recipe not working; that’s you not whisking/mixing correctly.

  • Summer Latimer says:

    Hm… I did everything as instructed and ended up with a dense and gelatinus result… I wouldn’t even call is spongy… It was almost a gummy texture. Like vanilla flavored gummy bears… How on Earth did that happen???

  • Corinne Baker says:

    What Could you substitute for vinilla paste?

    • Julie says:

      Please read the recipe notes. I have this specific question answered already in there.

  • Maria says:

    I used Mexican vanilla extract. I didnt have vanilla bean paste, but that mexican vanilla made up for it! So so good! Oh and I added dark chocolate chips. I mean. Yeah. This is dangerous…

  • Eva says:

    Made this during a commercial break and it tastes soooooo good! Thank you so much!!

  • MonA says:

    Thanks for the recipee, followed to the T
    Dint work for me, well I alwz taste the batter before putting it to bake, & this tasted like flour & I somehow felt may b after microwaving it would definitely acquire the magical taste, but unfortunately ended up with a not at all spongy, bland , grumpy looking cake in the mug which tasted under baked
    Could be my fault in the whisking techniques though

  • Michelle says:

    I made this rexipe today and it was amazing. Very sponge and delicious, I really recommend it, thanks for sharing.

  • abby says:

    this is my go to recipe. however i did change a few things. I only had bisquick so I used tht instead of flour i didnt add the vanilla bean paste I stopped adding the vanilla extract I just put in French Vanilla creamer 2 tbs along with milk 4 tbs . and I add chocolate chips at the end and I put it in thw microwave at 2 min. it comes out delicious . I have been using this recipe for 2 years

  • T says:

    I am eating my mug cake right now, and it actually turned out alright! Super fluffy, light, classic sponge cake texture. I didn’t have vanilla bean paste so I just used extra vanilla extract. My only fault was that it wasn’t sweet enough, I definitely added the right amount of sugar but it’s probably just my sweet tooth. I topped it with a scoop of Nutella to compensate :) I will definitely be trying this again with extra sugar. Thank you for this recipe! I loved it :D

  • Jelyra White says:

    Not too bad. It’s a nice sweet treat, albiet a little doughy(not like raw dough, more like a gooey pancake). I did the 1T vanilla as I didnt have paste. I also used oil instead of butter. I also added a packet of stevia and 1t of cinnamon to the recipe.

  • Ned says:

    This was a mediocre rice pudding at best. It did not taste good. It’s way too moist and the milk is excessive. I did not enjoy eating this.

  • Daisy says:

    Mmmmm oh goooodness!!!!! Soooo yummy!!!!

  • Georgia says:

    Oh my gosh this cake was the best tasting thing I’ve had all week!! It was so easy to make and was cute with a couple of sprinkles.

  • Ella says:

    I made this recipe and I followed it exactly, but it turned out really floury & had a weird texture.

  • Lisa Dickerson says:

    I absolutely love this vanilla mug cake recipe. It is so easy to make and incredibly delicious. I’ve made this recipe countless times and it always turns out amazing. This mug cake far exceeds a box mix any day. Thank you for this super quick and yummy recipe. FYI..The chocolate mug cake is outstanding too!

    • Eddie says:

      Man I really enjoyed this! I substituted almond milk for dairy and used a butter substitute as I’m lactose intolerant, and it turned out wonderfully! Thanks for putting this out there

  • C B Davis says:

    Can you multiply the dry ingredients so you can just put 1/4 cup in a mug and add the milk, butter, oil? Adding all of these for one mug as you need it is as much trouble and time consuming as if you made a whole cake.

  • Maya says:

    The mug cake was delicious but it took a long time to get the lumps out But it was still delicious but I would recommend to my friends

  • Lolita says:

    So happy to find this recipe – THANK YOU!! I am a vanilla girl…not a chocolate fan. This cake is so light and yummy; very easy to make. I used almond milk (because that’s all we have in the house) and added 2 Tbsp of some fresh blueberries I had stashed in my freezer (just dropped them on top of the batter before microwaving and gave a light swirl with a knife). 😊

  • Cate says:

    this was perfect!

  • Tala says:

    I really doubted this recipe, but i tried it because i love cake and i dont like waiting for the cake to bake. I made the batter which only took about 5 minutes! I put it in the microwave and i thought it wouldnt work. I took it out and i was so shocked it worked!! I ate it with hersheys syrup, This recipe tastes better than oven baked cake and extremly easy! I will definitely do it again also I recommend this recipe for everyone.

  • Sammy says:

    The texture of this mug cake was incredible! It was so fluffy and soft. The only thing that could be improved for me is a little more sugar! I am one of those people with a crazy sweet tooth, so next time I make it I will add a bit more!

  • Tanya T. says:

    I enjoyed mi e and liked the flavor. I could not wait I didn’t add any frosting or powder suger on the top.
    I heard some comnwnts it wasnt fluffy or a glumoy mess so in their cases either over or under cooked. But, for me thank you, it was perfect!!🌷

  • anonymous says:

    The texture was doughy and the cake was tastless.It just tasted like flour and baking soda

    • Julie Wampler says:

      Surprising it tasted like baking soda when baking soda isn’t even part of the ingredient list…

      • Melissa Knue says:

        Baking powder added not soda

    • Anonymous says:


  • JT says:

    No where near enough flour in this recipe. Crepe batter that turned into slimy, gummy hockey puck. I knew it was a fail before I even put it in the microwave, but hoped for it to work out. It didn’t.

  • Liz says:

    Far, far too high flour to sugar ratio. The texture was fine, and if it had any flavor other than just flour I’m certain it would’ve been lovely. I think next time I’ll work this general concept around a different recipe with the flour to sugar ratio you find in most cakes.

  • Ghassani says:

    HO MY GOD You are not kidding THIS MUG CAKE IS FANTASTIC!!!! Best mug cake texture EVER!! Thank you for this recipe. I will definitely keep this one forever for those random mug cake cravings. Thank you!!

  • Abbie says:

    It was sooo good

  • Sarah Eisman says:

    I really wanted to love this recipe, as I LOVE your chocolate cake mug, but this came out super doughy and dense despite following the directions to a T. A lot of people have seemed to get theirs to either be amazing, or spectacularly fail like mine. I wonder what’s causing the difference?

    • Julie Wampler says:

      Microwave differences, mixing (how much or little you are mixing the batter)?

  • Stella says:

    Very good turned out better then all the other mug cakes I’ve tried

  • Wombat Central says:

    Delish! I used homemade vanilla, and tossed in peanut butter. So good!

  • Lynne Thompson says:

    I have made a tender white cake with 4 egg whites and buttermilk for years and this mug cake is every bit as tender and delicious! Thanks for a great recipe! We had amazing fresh local strawberries and no cake and this white cake was perfect! I used a tsp of 4 fruit jam instead of the vanilla bean paste. It came out great!

  • Sia says:

    I’ve made this recipe and the chocolate version multiple times. It’s my go to whenever I’m craving something sweet and it always comes out perfect. My favorite addition is pb2 and topping with chocolate syrup after it’s cooked. Amazing!

  • Adele says:

    This was really good and easy thanks for sharing

  • Hannah says:

    The recipe was a little spongy/doughy but I melted some chocolate chips on top and added milk over it once it was cooked and it tasted really good!

  • Jayden says:

    delicious 🥰 i used olive oil (reduced to 1.5 tbsp) and added cinnamon and some chocolate chips

  • Allison says:

    This is a very dangerously delicious recipe…no longer is there a reason to not eat the whole cake! Why did I not know about this before? My very old 600 watt microwave probably needed an extra 10-15 seconds to cook through 100%- but at 70 seconds the top 80% was amazing and the very bottom was still raw batter. I will tweak it a bit and perhaps try a different mug. Thanks so much for the recipe. I will try the vanilla one very soon.

  • Emily says:

    My microwave is 750 watts and I couldn’t get the cake to rise. It’s delicious flavor, but a spongey mess.

  • Kristen says:

    I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out completely flavorless and way too spongy. Honestly do not try this.

  • Nancy says:

    Well, that was a bust. I’m a huge fan of your moistest chocolate mug cake, so I thought I’d try this out. This batter was not heavy as it was described, but runny. That’s probably why it turned out as wet and undercooked as it did. The microwave is a 1000W oven, so it shouldn’t have been the cooking time. Even with increasing the time, the batter never got past the wet sponge consistency. Bummer. I’ll have to try again with less milk, maybe, and see what happens. (the chocolate recipe, though…that is a keepr!)

  • Shridevi Karkera says:

    Please don’t be offended as I love your recipes and have recreated them successfully. But even when I followed the instructions to the T my cake was a rubbery gelatinous gummy lump ☹️ It remained wet and sticky no matter how much I tried to dry it out by microwaving.
    I really want this recipe to work.
    So could you tell me what are the pressure points where I could have gone wrong?
    Does the over whisking cause this?
    If so how much to whisk?
    Will be highly obliged if you reply back
    Thanks & regards.

    • Julie Wampler says:

      Hi, definitely not offended. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. Over-whisking could cause this. It’s honestly so incredibly hard to diagnose what went wrong because there are so many factors that could cause this and since I’m not really there with you, I can’t say for certain. Maybe try less liquid if it’s remaining wet.

  • Kayla says:

    Great recipe! I didn’t have vanilla bean paste, but it was still a great recipe than all the other ones I’ve made. Tip***for a frosting type thing, I melted choc chips with peanut butter for a Reese’s frosting type thing!

  • Lynne Henson says:

    I just made this for strawberry shortcake tonight and was very impressed. I mixed it a bowl and divided it into 2 custard cups and nuked it for the 2 min 10 came right out of the cups and we loved it. Thank you for your recipe.

  • Christopher Crabbe says:

    I have made countless mug cakes but never a vanilla one. I found this online, and based on reviews it looks promising. I assure you, it is not! I attempted the recipe exactly as described, more than one time. Each time, the 16 ounce mug was way too small to accommodate the ingredients and the mug cake was liquefied after over two minutes and 30 seconds in a very powerful microwave. I highly recommend against this cake as you will ultimately just waste ingredients and end up with nothing savory or delicious to eat.

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