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Who doesn’t love cakes and cupcakes? They just bring a smile to your face and they make anyone’s mood turn from sad to happy immediately!

This collection of cakes and cupcakes has my famous chocolate mug cake recipe which I think you should try first. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a single-serving cake dessert and one that doesn’t involve you whipping out all your baking equipment for! I also have four other mug cake flavors if you’re interested!

In addition to mug cakes, there are cakes for any occasion, dog-friendly cakes, seasonal cakes, and beautiful cupcake recipes!

Give these cake recipes a try: blueberry buttermilk bundt cake, strawberry sponge cake, or lemon cornmeal cake.

Cupcake recipes worth your while are these lemon blueberry cupcakes and salted caramel chocolate cupcakes!