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Why Rotisserie Chicken is a Meal Saver


This is my favorite not-so-best-kept-secret for dinners: rotisserie chicken!

You can get them everywhere. I usually get mine at Whole Foods and you can get an organic bird for $9.99 or, if you’re near a Costco, I think you can get a big bird for $4.99? Don’t quote me on that price because I can’t be sure if that’s right (I didn’t look at the price before grabbing it).

Why are rotisserie chickens meal savers?

Because they’re already cooked and when you’re in a pinch, you can grab one up from the store on your way home and shred them and make so many different meals with them.

Or, what we have done lately is given ourselves the drumstick and thigh and roasted up some green beans as our side dish and a dinner roll or two and bam, quick and easy dinner. It’s nothing fancy and it doesn’t have to be. Food is on the table; that’s the important part.

However, on weekends where we have more time, when we buy a rotisserie chicken, we always shred them immediately and put them into our glass containers for the week.

I can think of SO many recipes that can utilize the already shredded chicken:

Rotisserie chickens have saved so many meals for us and I hope they do the same for you once you see how versatile this bird is!

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