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Homemade Tzatziki Dip

Homemade tzatziki dip is a refreshing appetizer for any crowd!

I’m sitting on a fluffy white bed right now as I’m typing this. Just to my right, I have a huge balcony overlooking palm trees and the ocean. It’s glorious and makes me dread going back to DC in a week; but it’s a week away so I’ll just continue to soak up the sun and enjoy my time away. I’ve never really traveled somewhere warm in the winter because I’m too scared to fly in the winter. You never know when snow or ice will divert your plans and for me being such a planner, that would drive my anxiety through the roof. However, I think after this trip, I need to embrace traveling in the colder months because man, the sun and even humidity felt great when I stepped off that plane!

Okay, so you know what baffles me? Why do hotels charge for Internet? You’re already paying them a buttload to stay there and they can’t even include Internet in your stay? I mean, what is it to them, you know? I guess I understand if they don’t want people streaming videos and downloading stuff, but that’s when you limit it. I just need Internet to do some minor work and check my email! Paying $20/day is not ideal in my opinion. It’s frustrating they don’t include it in your stay. I miss the days when they just included it. Now it’s just another way to upcharge you! Womp womp.

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Beyond the Table


Doesn’t that photo just make you want to crawl back into bed? WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS?! I’m seriously freaking out. When I first saw it, it was white and gold but then I’m looking at it again and it’s black and blue. How the heck does a photo of a dress just change colors like that?! Seriously, what color do you see??? I’m heading out tomorrow to go on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with Princess Cruises! Some of…

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Chorizo Mac and Cheese

Chorizo mac and cheese is a fun spin on the classic mac and cheese. The spiciness of the chorizo mixed in with the creamy cheese is pasta perfection!

This past weekend we headed down South to Louisiana to celebrate our niece’s 4th birthday. I could live in the South all winter! They had the most amazing weather this weekend. Mid-70’s and abundant sunshine. The birthday party had about 20 kids (omg that was insane, haha I’ve never experienced that before; something to look forward to, right?) and they were all running around in the yard with a t-shirt and jeans. So nice! At the opposite end of the…

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No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Snack Bites

No-bake chocolate peanut butter oat snack bites are the perfect on-the-go snack for busy lives! #safeway #ad

Is it weird that I’m jumping on board with these oat snack balls late? I don’t think so because apparently I’m just always late to the game with everything and becoming entirely obsessed with them after everyone has been obsessed. It’s okay, though, these no-bake chocolate peanut butter oat snack bites are worth being late to the game. I mean, Reese’s spread as a base? Oh my goodness, you’re in for a treat! Every day that we come home from work,…

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White Pizza

A classic white pizza with a whole-wheat blend crust is the perfect cheesy, oily, and garlic-y pizza for any day of the week!

We went to an animal shelter this past weekend and I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. I wanted to take home all the kitties and dogs. It’s so sad!! All the cats and dogs are just sitting in their little ‘homes’ staring at humans coming in and out of the center and hoping and wishing they’ll get taken home with them. Wahhhh! It really angers me seeing the older cats and dogs there that were…

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Mini Strawberry Heart Hand Pies

Fill your day with some love from these mini heart-shaped hand pies! You can't help but smile when you look at them!

Love is in the air!!! Okay, I totally don’t buy into the whole Valentine’s Day stuff but what kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t share at least one Valentine’s Day recipe with you? I have several from years past that you are more than welcome to look at but I think this one I’m sharing with you today is just adorable beyond words! What do you do for Valentine’s Day? If you’re a regular reader, you’ll…

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Slow Cooker Smokey Ham and Split Pea Soup

Traditional split pea soup has nothing on this slow cooker smokey ham and split pea soup! It's seriously got the most amazing smokey flavor and so easy to throw together!

The Northeast is getting slammed with snow this winter. Here in the DC-area? We’ve seen zilch. It actually felt like Spring this past weekend with temperatures in the upper 50’s and low 60’s. It’s bizarre. Now, I’m not wishing constant snow like what the Northeast has but I just want a giant snowstorm. Just one this winter and I’ll be satisfied. It’ll also probably shut down the entire area for a good week but I’m down for that. That’s what…

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