Whole Wheat Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage Pumpkin Sauce

Whole wheat gnocchi with brown butter sage and pumpkin sauce is a deliciously creamy and nutty dish that is full of Fall flavors.

You guys. Do centipedes or bugs with 50 bajillion legs freak you the heck out and give you the heeby-jeebies? There was one on my wall yesterday and I screamed bloody murder. The look that Winston gave me was pure confusion.

It was the most disgusting little critter I ever did see. I didn’t know what to do. A million thoughts went through my head. I could’ve easily slammed a book on it but then I would’ve had to clean it up from the wall and I definitely didn’t want to do that. I couldn’t just leave it there though after I crushed it. I thought ok maybe I’ll put a cup over it and strategically maneuver it into the cup and put it on the floor and let Jason take care of it when he gets home, but I didn’t want any close interaction with that thing. I decided to then grab a shoe from downstairs. Right when I was about to slam the shoe on this guy, I turned to look at Winston and when I turned back around to do the deed, HE WAS GONE. LIKE VANISHED INTO THIN AIR. There was no trace of him whatsoever. I shook everything nearby to see if he’d come out and no, nothing. Omgggg.

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Stovetop Turkey Quinoa Chili

This stovetop turkey quinoa chili is a great spin on the classic chili dish! Full of hearty and delicious ingredients, you will love this chili for any night of the week or a perfect dish to serve for game day festivities!

I just returned from a weeklong Mexican Riviera adventure with Princess Cruises and I cannot wait to share more about my trip. It was so relaxing and I had such a great time with friends, old and new! I haven’t been away for an extended period of time for a while so I was getting a bit burned out with life and work. It’s always nice to get away and come back rejuvenated and refreshed. I love traveling, too, because it…

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


To say my brain is fried after three design meetings and countless paperwork and numbers would be a complete understatement. Building a custom home is a dream and it’s one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done but holy hell. It is A LOT of work. I honestly feel I’ve spent over 10 hours scouring paperwork after the design meetings. We’ve had a total of three design meetings clocking in at four hours each. Think about your house and then…

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Marsala Chicken Rigatoni and Mushroom Pasta

This marsala chicken rigatoni and mushroom pasta is pure comfort food. Filled with flavorful ingredients and a creamy marsala wine sauce coated on every inch of pasta, you will love every bite!

Note: This post first appeared on June 23, 2011. The recipe has been edited slightly (to make the recipe slightly healthier and tastier!) and the photography got a huge facelift so that you might actually want to make this now, haha…someone really should’ve told me that half-eaten pasta and horrible yellow lighting is NOT appetizing! Enjoy! Growing up, chicken marsala was one of my favorite dishes that my aunt made for us whenever we visited her. I don’t know what…

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Cheesy Chorizo Chili Dip

A cheesy dip for all your tailgating and game days! This cheesy chorizo chili dip is so easy to whip up and all your friends will be wanting the recipe! Made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry; you will love how easy this is to prepare!

I am so excited to share this cheesy chorizo chili dip recipe with you guys because hello: tailgating season/game days have officially arrived! This dip is the perfect appetizer to have at the table for snacking. Honestly, my favorite part of football season isn’t the actual game. I’m all about the food possibilities and the excuse to eat to my heart’s content on game days. This cheesy chorizo chili dip can potentially warm you up, too, on chilly days because…

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Pumpkin Quinoa Parmesan Fritters

A fun, new way to enjoy quinoa during pumpkin season! This recipe is a unique way incorporate pumpkin into a savory recipe that you've never thought to try before! Pumpkin quinoa parmesan fritters are going to be your new favorite side dish to accompany your dinner this season!

I’m so thankful that I had a three day weekend. I don’t typically care for Columbus Day (because I don’t agree with the reasonings behind the holiday) but I am definitely thankful for it this year because these house design meetings have been INSANE and completely frying my brain. Yesterday, on our day off, we went into the design center again and finalized everything. Signed off on everything and confetti fell from the ceiling. Only, I wish that last bit…

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My Kinda Caviar (Cowboy Caviar)

The most colorful salad you will have at your next party or barbecue! Cowboy caviar is like a mashup between salsa and beans. Salsa and beans had a baby and named it cowboy caviar because it's just so hearty and richly delicious!

I could never pinpoint the category of shows that I like to watch. I always knew I liked to watch suspenseful shows but I’m also totally into family type shows like Parenthood and This Is Us. My coworker told me about this detective show on Netflix about how a girl gets killed and they are trying to find out who the killer is. I mean, I know that sounds like the most basic detective show but I don’t know how…

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