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Epic Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The epic breakfast grilled cheese sandwich has everything you want on a breakfast platter but in a sandwich form. Your breakfast has never looked this epic.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever spilled acetone on a wood table before. Raise your hand if you’ve done it before and clearly didn’t learn your lesson and did it again on your anniversary night. HIIIIIIIIIIII!

When I was about, oh 12 years old maybe, my dad gifted my mom a brand new cherry wood vanity table. It was pretty darn expensive from some furniture store that has since closed. I decided, as the independent 12-year old that I was, that it would be a BRILLIANT idea to paint my nails on her brand new vanity table because I mean, where else could I have done this? I ended up spilling nail polish remover on it and proceeded to WIPE it with a towel, not knowing that acetone basically strips all the wood finish and paint. Oh my god. You can only imagine how much trouble I was in. Haha, to this day, my parents still have that vanity table with that ‘love mark’ on it. Just a constant friendly reminder of where a 12 year old should not paint her nails. Also, my parents banned me from using nail polish for a year. I had to sneak over to my girlfriends’ houses to use their nail polish, haha

You would think I’d learn my lesson from that incident. Nope.

Last week, after we had gotten home from our anniversary dinner, I decided to soak off my gel polish on our EXPENSIVE Ethan Allen dining room table. Like this was the dining room table, if you remember from this post, where we were debating whether or not to buy. Anyway, so I did lay down a placemat over my work area and damnit acetone, it just had to drip a little bit on the placemat and seep through to the wood table. It like literally made indentions and stripped a bit of the finish off. It’s actually NOT as horrible as what I did to my parent’s vanity table but it’s still somewhat noticeable. Jason was like, ‘omg you are single-handedly destroying this dining room table and you’re nervous about a potential PUPPY gnawing on it.’ Haha, touché.

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Paloma {VIDEO}

Grapefruit plus booze equals a delicious paloma! Recipe video on the blog!

A couple weeks ago, Gina and Brandy (aka the KickSass Kitchen team) visited me in the nation’s capital! Oh man, that was such a fun weekend. So many good memories were made and so much good food was eaten. Of course, we couldn’t forget about our dear friend, booze. He decided to make an appearance on Friday morning and we decided to catch it all on video. Yup, coming at ya below is a recipe video of all three drinks we…

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Freaking Easy Chocolate Cake

This freaking easy chocolate cake is literally freaking easy to make. No butter, no eggs, and no milk!

Today is Jason and I’s two year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years! Every time anyone asks us how long we’ve been married, saying “two years” sometimes makes me self-conscious because people always say, ‘pfft, you guys are still newlyweds.’ It’s honestly just a number. Why do people have to downplay the fact that we’ve been married “just two” years, you know? Just be happy for us! Last year for our anniversary, we had just gotten back…

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The Food on Regal Princess

If you're wondering what kind of food is on the Regal Princess cruise ship, this is the post you should read!

The post you’ve all been waiting for!! All the FOOD on Regal Princess! I definitely did not go to bed hungry at all nor was I ever really hungry. To be honest with you, it was depressing coming home because I actually had to make food myself. I couldn’t just wake up in the morning and stroll to the Market Cafe and have food already prepared. I couldn’t walk to all these dining rooms and order food off a menu.…

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Beyond the Table


(via) I’m obsessed with kombucha. I know it’s been around for decades and more recently, a huge foodie trend, but I kind of poo-poo’ed it and didn’t want to give into the trend. Then, last week I finally tried some and of course, I’m hooked. Bonus points for the health benefits. I’m tempted to grow my own and make homemade kombucha. I’m serious. Adding to the whole new hippie side of me, in addition to essential oils and the whole kombucha…

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Loaded Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A loaded pepperoni pizza in grilled cheese form! Made with LAND O LAKES® Deli American! #sponsored

Did you know that there are actual holidays dedicated to food?? That is like a choir of angels to a food lover’s ears! I mean, I tend to celebrate food every single day of my life, but to have a specific day or month dedicated to a specific food is just phenomenal! April is actually National Grilled Cheese month. Yes, a whole month dedicated to grilled cheese. You can get behind that idea, right? This was like pure ultimate childhood throwback…

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Homemade Taro Chips

Taro chips are so easy to make at home yourself and you get a lot more than those bags at the grocery store!

So, the past three years I’ve wanted beachy waves in my hair. In college, it was all about straight hair. I had hair all the way down below my chest and it was always stick straight. Couldn’t live without my hair straightener! Then, a week before graduation, I decided to chop off all my hair. I got a stacked bob and I’ve basically had it since college. I keep going back and forth whether or not I want to grow…

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