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Beyond the Table

Since I’m away on travel, I figured I’d share a different type of post with y’all today. A ‘beyond the table’ post. A post that goes beyond food and recipes; sharing with you ‘life things,’ to put simply. I want to start sharing more of my life beyond the blog and if you aren’t a fan of that, then simply skip this post (no hard feelings!), but I feel like there are some things in here that will appeal to many! :)

Also, if you’re interested, go ahead and follow my travel adventures in Taiwan on Instagram. I’m also using the hashtag #tablefortwointaiwan if you want to follow that way! It’s a 12-hour time difference between Taiwan and the East Coast. So, 6pm on a Monday in Taiwan is 6am Monday in DC. Just to give some perspective! Basically, when your day is beginning, my day is ending.

If you haven’t tried a vanilla macchiato yet, you must try it. I like it so much more than a caramel macchiato. The caramel one is just way too sweet for me. This vanilla one was PERFECT. I’m addicted. I may or may not have been treating myself daily prior to our trip. And speaking of coffee, I’m dying to make this fresh mint iced coffee.


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Pistachio Ice Cream

If you've never had pistachio ice cream before, you must give it a try! Recipe on

These are pretty much my exact thoughts when I work from home on Friday’s and go to Starbucks before I fire up my computer at home. Precisely why I’m late to sign on 90% of the time. I mean, I totally love that everyone in Starbucks are kindred spirits because we all have the same caffeine obsession but #17 totally needs to happen and #36 always kills me. You never want to piss off anyone in line behind you at…

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Easy 20-Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli

This easy 20-minute teriyaki chicken and broccoli will soon be a favorite in your house! Recipe on

This past weekend, I spent a majority of it checking off a bunch of to-do’s off our checklist for our big upcoming international trip. There really is so much to prep for when you’re about to go away internationally for an extended period of time. Or maybe that’s just me and my type A personality. I already told our credit company that I’ll be international so don’t freeze our credit cards – haha that would really suck! I already have…

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Chicken Lo Mein

Make this classic Chinese take-out staple at home! Chicken lo-mein recipe on

I finished Gone Girl and I wish I could report back and say that I liked the ending but I definitely didn’t. I was left with frustration and I just wanted to punch something. It’s more of a love/hate with this book. I really definitely LOVED it but I HATED the ending. The beginning – middle were SO entrancing and I literally could not put it down but then the last several chapters had me going, “wait, SERIOUSLY?!” and then…

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Roasted Asparagus and Chicken Penne Bake

Roasted asparagus and chicken penne bake is a great way to use up the in-season asparagus! Recipe on

Today is the last day of March. Besides the fact that we’re about to be 1/4 of the way through 2014 and it feels as if it just began yesterday, we got SNOW yesterday. SNOW. Like the cold, white stuff that falls from the sky in the WINTER. Last time I checked, we were well into Spring. I know, you have such little sympathy for me :P On another note, I bought a Kindle. Yup, I did it. It just…

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Tomato, Kale, and Potato Soup

Tomato, kale, and potato soup is a perfectly hearty and healthy soup that is chock full of veggies!

I know what you’re probably thinking, “uh, why is Julie posting SOUP when it’s Spring?!” Well, winter didn’t get the memo and just yesterday, it was still snowing so that means it’s still the perfect time for soup and this soup is super easy to whip up! I literally threw this together one evening and it was so delicious that I made it AGAIN a couple nights later. I’ve been really into reading lately, like more than I usually have…

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Honey Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

Honey lemon chia seed muffins are the perfect muffins to bring Spring into your kitchen! Recipe on

Honey lemon chia seed muffins have a secret ingredient in here that make them the lightest and fluffiest muffin you’ll ever have! Spring has sprung in your kitchen with these muffins! Alright, who saw Divergent this weekend and what did you think? All I have to say is Tim Riggins, move over. Four/Theo James has taken your place. Holy hottie alert!!! But really, the movie was AMAZING. Way beyond my expectations of a book adapted into a film. Usually they…

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