Korean Galbi Bowls

These Korean galbi bowls are so full of flavor after marinating them in a delicious sauce overnight! Build your Korean galbi bowl however you want with whatever you desire!

You guys. This weekend was perfect. It’s like Mother Nature is teasing us with spring weather. It was in the 70’s all weekend and it’s going to be the same this week too. I feel like winter is over? We didn’t have a snow storm (it probably was all dumped on us last year) and winter wasn’t even that frigid. I remember a handful of days that were in the teens but nothing as bad as what it has been in year’s past. To be honest, this kind of stuff freaks me out because I think about global warming and all the polar bears :( lol, the things that go through my head.

Since the weather was so nice this weekend we stopped by our new house a lot (they’re tiling and cabinets are all in!!) and we also tried two new places to eat. Additionally, we grilled pizza! We also went on a bunch of walks with Winston and overall, it was just a great, relaxing weekend. I’m thankful I have today off too!

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We Have Walls!!

I’m slightly behind on house updates because as of today, the walls are painted AND all the hardiplank siding is on outside! But here’s an update nonetheless! When we walked into the house and saw all the drywall, I will be honest: I was a little sad. I was so used to seeing through the walls and all the wood frame and it was just weird that it was all covered up. It moved so fast and although we had been…

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Instant Pot Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Using your Instant Pot or pressure cooker, you can make this deliciously flavorful, tender, and cozy Taiwanese beef noodle soup right at home!

Its been a week. Last week I got hit with the stomach bug and that was definitely not my cup of tea. It knocked me on my butt for a good three days but thankfully, I have kicked the bug to the curb and I’m finally able to enjoy real food again. You truly don’t miss real food until you can only eat saltines, rice, chicken, and boring, bland food, haha – it was rough. I was craving everything under…

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Slow Cooker Osso Buco

Slow cooker osso buco is unbelievably tender and full of flavor. There is nothing intimidating about making this restaurant favorite at home!

I added a new feature on the homepage of the website if you haven’t seen it! At the top, there are three ‘featured’ posts that feature my favorite recipes for the season or recipe ideas for dinner and/or parties. I hope those callouts help feature recipes that you may not have seen before and/or ones that you haven’t gotten a chance to try yet. :) Osso buco is one of those dishes that seem super intimidating because all fancy restaurants…

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Under Contract!

Since I consider my blog a little bit like my journal where I document everything from food to travel to our life, I wanted to document this moment. We put our house on the market January 24. I’m a very pessimistic person by nature so I literally have been stressing about that day for over a year. We absolutely had to sell our house before we closed on the new one and having that knowledge and knowing our loan could…

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Skillet English Breakfast

If you're yearning for a taste of London, this skillet English breakfast will satisfy your cravings in the States!

Today is my 30th birthday! I am no longer in my 20’s and I’ve begrudgingly walked into the 30’s. Please tell me it’s not so bad? I already found some grey hairs and am thinking this is the end. Okay, but in all seriousness, I’m not that depressed about turning 30 because I obviously saw it coming and have been building up to it the entire past year but I am a bit sad that I can no longer say I’m…

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7-Layer Dip Flatbread

A 7-layer dip but all on a piece of flatbread! A much easier way to get from dip to mouth! #HuntsDifference #ad

This is a sponsored post by Hunt’s tomatoes. All opinions are my own. How did we already get here? It’s yet another year of the big game day. Anyone more into the food than the game like me? As with every year, I always try to come up with easy snacks for game day because having something to munch on throughout the game is way more fun!

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