Triple Berry Brioche French Toast Bake

This triple berry brioche French toast bake is a breakfast or brunch dish that your overnight crew will love! Fresh berries are layered throughout the rich and buttery brioche bread. Your family and friends will love you!

You know that panic feeling you get when you lose something? More specifically like when a parent doesn’t know where their child has run off to? Well, we obviously cannot compare since we don’t have children, but if yesterday was just a glimmer of that panic feeling that parents get when they lose sight of their child, then I don’t ever want to lose sight of Winston ever again.

A thunderstorm was rolling through when I was leaving the house in the evening to go to my barre class. Jason was 20 minutes from home so he would’ve been home right as the thunderstorm was getting strong. We have been leaving Winston out of his crate when we go out (he does great!) and he gets full roam of the house. When I got to barre, I got a text from Jason, “where’s the dog?” What? I’m so confused. I left him at home. Where else could he be?

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 26

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 26
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Beyond the Table


(source) I’ve been looking at getting some fun new sunglasses for summer. I currently have a pair of aviators that I wear daily and love, but how fun are these?! Of course, purple lenses but I these would be fun and vibrant for summer! I can’t stop watching this video, haha – I feel like I’m watching Winston. Chiropractors! Do you guys swear by one? I have a pinched nerve and my right thumb has been numb for over a week…

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Pepperoni Guacamole Toast

A fun new way to eat toast with @sabradippingco! Pepperoni guacamole toast takes no time to put together and what a creative new way to have toast! #ad

Just like that, summer is officially here! I am really loving the longer days and abundant amount of sunshine. It makes you want to do more during the day and take advantage of the warm weather! Although, the humidity can be a killer but I will still take that over snow and rain. Before having a dog, I was never outside as much as I am now. I completely appreciate warm weather and being able to just walk around outside and get fresh…

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How to Stay Connected in Iceland

How to Stay Connected in Iceland

Being in a well-connected day and age is a blessing and curse. Being a food and travel blogger is the same. I know there are people out there that are swear by the “disconnect on vacation” motto but then there are ones like Jason and I that have a desire to stay connected on vacation. Does this mean we stay connected to work emails and do business? No. I set up an out of office for that very reason and…

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Iceland in 5 Days: Choose Your Own Adventure


I call this final day as a ‘choose your own adventure’ day because you have a few options of what to do on your last day. You’re likely driving back to Reykjavik on this last day and while we chose to actually spend more time in Reykjavik, you could easily choose to do Blue Lagoon if you didn’t do it on your way in or head that way anyway (even if you’ve already done Blue Lagoon) and check out Reykjanes…

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week 25

Table for Two's Weekly Meal Plan - Week 25
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