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15 Game Day Recipe Ideas

15 Game Day Recipe Ideas on

Super Bowl Sunday will always have a soft spot in my heart though because that’s when Jason and I met five years ago :) but enough of the mushy stuff! I’m all about the food on Super Bowl Sunday so here’s a list of 15 game day recipe ideas chosen just for you! Who are you rooting for? Pats or Seahawks?

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Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie

A traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie is what you'll need to remind you of grandma's cooking! It is pure comfort and nostalgia in a bowl!

I hate starting out posts with a disclaimer but due to a post in the past that was been passed down from generations and got rude comments and opinions on how something “should” be done, I feel like I have to say something about this recipe before continuing. In case there is any confusion: I’m not saying this is the ONLY way to make Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie so don’t take it that way :) There are various ways to make a traditional…

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Beyond the Table


(via) We’re supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow on Monday. I just want it to be Spring already…hence the photos of the pretty hydrangeas. Colleen Hoover. She should be your new favorite author because I’ve been devouring every single book of hers. I read Hopeless a few months ago and then went on to other authors but I kept coming back to her. I just finished Never, Never and finished up the Slammed Series. Her novels are so gripping. They have…

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Spicy Meaty Lasagna

Spicy meaty lasagna is the perfect party casserole! This is a crowd-pleaser! Don't expect to leave with anything left in your casserole dish :)

Three day weekends are my jam. Just the extra day of relaxation is so nice! We had a pretty standard weekend. Slept in (well – sorta, my “sleeping in” is now 7:30am, haha) and then went to our favorite local bakery to get some croissants and fresh baked bread. They should create a candle that smells like freshly baked bread! Oh, so on Saturday’s, Jason and I usually like to go out for dinner ’cause it gives me a break from the…

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Beyond the Table


(via) We’re thinking about getting a puppy! A corgi puppy to be exact. Isn’t he adorable?! I love that floppy ear. We’re still thinking it through since it’s a huge responsibility, but I think we’re ready! I’m most nervous about the shedding of corgis though cause I’m so OCD! Anyone have one? Can you believe they’re closing 133 Targets in Canada? I’m shocked that Target is not well-received in Canada and they’re pulling out of the market there. Target all…

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Day Designer Giveaway

Day Designer Giveaway

*Just a note that this is NOT a sponsored post and I bought both Day Designers with my own $$ and am sponsoring this giveaway myself! I have no affiliation with Whitney English or the Day Designer team. Just wanted to show some love to y’all and help you achieve your 2015 goal(s) – whatever they may be!* One of my 2015 goals is to get a planner and USE it. I’ve had so many planners in the past and I’ll…

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Cookbook Cover Vote-Off!


YOU GUYS. Guess what?! I FINALLY got my cookbook cover options to share with you!! I’m so so excited. It’s all starting to come together :) I’d LOVE for you guys to vote on which one you guys like the best – there is a form at the bottom of the page where all you have to do is pick 1 or 2 and submit it! Easy peasy. There is also space for you to tell me why you chose…

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