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Princess Cruises Regal Princess Ship Photo Tour

If you missed the post on the islands we stopped at and the excursions we did, check it out here.

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Regal Princess of Princess Cruises

The Regal Princess is huge. I mean, huge. Many of us didn’t realize there was this whole other wing of the ship! Brandy and I took a long walking tour of the ship and snapped a bunch of photos along the way. It took us about 2 hours. Now, granted, we stopped for lunch and we stopped to shop and pose for photos, but that should give you some sort of estimate on how big the ship is! I wish I had a Fitbit or some sort of steps tracker. That would’ve been fun to see how many steps each day I took on the ship.

As massive as the ship is, I definitely never felt lost on it. By the end of the 7 days, I felt like the ship was my home and I knew where every restaurant, cafe, dining room, and amenities were. Sigh, to be back there again! Let’s take a photo tour of the Regal Princess :)

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Beyond the Table


Rachel came to visit me last weekend. We both enjoy the same movies series (Hunger Games and Divergent) so whenever the movies come out, we switch off visiting each other. We saw Insurgent! I remember last year when I had just seen Divergent and was so excited I couldn’t wait til Insurgent came out. I have to say, I thought the first movie was way better. There wasn’t much Theo in this second one ;) I did like all the…

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Shaved Asparagus and Carrot Salad

A fun way to eat asparagus and carrots! Pasta-like or a unique salad, either way you look at it, this is a delicious new way to incorporate veggies in your meals!

On Monday evening, I sat in rush hour traffic for two hours. It took me two freaking hours to get home from work. The traffic in this area is insane. I feel like you don’t know traffic or the definition of it until you’ve driven in the DC/Northern Virginia area. Holy balls. I didn’t think I was getting home Monday night. And what’s worse (better?) is that there wasn’t an accident to warrant the traffic. It was just because of…

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Mini Cheesecake Nests

Cute mini cheesecake nests are perfect for Easter!

Rachel and I went to DC this past weekend and the cherry blossoms are budding! There’s still nothing on the trees but you can see the buds getting ready to bloom. It’s supposedly already cherry blossom festival time around here but if you’re here now, you won’t see much. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, it’ll really start to bloom and the tidal basin area will be full of pretty pink flowers! If you come to DC, I highly recommend…

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7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Regal Princess

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Regal Princess of Princess Cruises

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get whisked away on a 7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Regal Princess with Princess Cruises. Oh how I so needed this vacation and warm weather. Our winter in DC wasn’t nearly as bad this year (but we did get 8 inches of snow in DC while I was on this cruise) but there were still some bitter cold days that made me long for the sun and white sandy beaches. I…

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Blackberry Lemon Jam

Blackberry lemon jam is so gorgeous and tasty! It's insanely easy to make that you'll never have to buy store-bought again!

So you know how as you get older, the conversations you NEVER thought you’d be having, you’re having? Like, cleaning products and how awesome this brand smells over this brand or how ‘obsessed’ you are with this laundry detergent because it smells like a field of lavender. Or how about what awesome kitchen gadget you snagged up at the outlets? Or being overly ecstatic about getting new window treatments or bed linens? Every time I have an adult conversation, I…

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Guava Mojitos

Guava mojitos that will transport you to paradise! A great cocktail to drink for whenever you're lusting for the beach and white sand!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a couple weeks ago that I was on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise with Princess Cruises aboard their new Regal Princess ship! Oh man, I cannot wait to share more of that trip with you including the gorgeous ship and all the islands we stopped in! I also picked up a few tips and tricks on cruising that I’m definitely going to have to share with you guys. It seriously made a…

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