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To say my brain is fried after three design meetings and countless paperwork and numbers would be a complete understatement. Building a custom home is a dream and it’s one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done but holy hell. It is A LOT of work. I honestly feel I’ve spent over 10 hours scouring paperwork after the design meetings.

We’ve had a total of three design meetings clocking in at four hours each. Think about your house and then think about every little thing that makes your house and then think that times five. The minute details from grout color to roof color to where you want electrical outlets to where you want certain things prewired to what carpet padding we want.


We found out through this meeting that we actually have a front porch!!! I don’t know why we never realized this but we saw the house plans during our first design meeting and we were like wait….there’s a front porch?! You have no idea how happy that made us. We have always wanted a front porch and the house design we initially signed off on couldn’t accommodate the front porch on the size of our lot but then we got a nice surprise. I can’t WAIT!


This is what we chose for our master suite bath. Grey and white! We chose this cause we wanted our owner’s suite to be completely different than the rest of the bathrooms :)


Basement carpeting, bedroom carpeting, and owner’s suite carpeting!


The top is the color of our hardwoods throughout the house and the bottom is actually tile that looks like wood that we are putting in the mudroom.


This is what the other bathrooms in the house will look like!


Omg, the best room in the house…the kitchen!!!!!! So, last minute I decided I wanted white subway tile and they had this really neat looking white subway tile with the beveled edges. LOVE! We also got to choose our grout color. I don’t like white on white but I also don’t like the dark grey with white (personal preference, honestly) so we chose a middle of the road grey.


Completely white quartz countertops :)




I photoshopped the grout onto the subway tile just to get the full look of the kitchen, haha…so, the perimeter of the kitchen will be all white cabinets and countertops and the island will be the dark espresso cabinetry with white countertops.

We have officially signed off on all the documents and next up is the pre-construction meeting and then they’re breaking ground. IT’S HAPPENING!!! Pretty sure the next five months is going to FLY! I cannot wait to share more progress photos!! Here’s to fingers crossed this winter isn’t terrible :)

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  1. Oh, I remember those days of building a house! I got to the point I didn’t want anyone to even ask me what I was making for dinner. Just wanted to drop you a Thank You for the EASY 20-MINUTE TERIYAKI CHICKEN AND BROCCOLI recipe. It is DELICIOUS! I never comment on sites, but you deserve a compliment. Good Luck with your home. Your choices are beautiful.

  2. I love your choices! By any chance, do you know the name/description of the flooring you going to put in the mudroom? I love it!!