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Spice up your spice cabinet with this DIY spice organization using tins and chalkboard paint

I promise this isn’t turning into a DIY blog! I know I’ve had two DIY posts in less than a week but they’re all food related :) This next one was also a project that I wanted to do for a while but didn’t want to do it while we were still in the apartment. This was one of the first things I said I’d complete once we moved to a house.

I wanted to organize all my spices! I know it sounds OCD but I hate the containers they come in and how I could never find the spice I’m looking for. I wanted to SPICE UP my pantry. Oh, I’m hilarious. No, but seriously, we buy our spices in bulk sometimes at Costco and they come in those ugly plastic containers. You also buy the ones at the grocery store too that just end up being stacked on top of each other with red lids (you know which ones I’m talking about!) and you have no clue what spice is what. You go fiddle with one, the rest come tumbling down.

So this is where this spice project came into play. I wanted a CLEAR way of seeing every spice I had. I didn’t want to fumble around while cooking.

This was actually a pretty fun project. My MOH and I did this after wedding dress shopping on Saturday and it didn’t take long. The only “long” part was spray painting the chalkboard paint a few nights before to ensure it was dry.

Supplies you’ll need:

  1. First, you’ll want to go outside and spray paint your labels. A very thin coat will do. Don’t over-spray it or it’ll start dripping and you’ll be left with ugly drip marks.
  2. Let them dry overnight.
  3. Once you’re ready for assembly, grab all your spices from your pantry. One by one, start writing the spices on the label. Make sure you let the ink dry completely before putting on the tins. They smear easily!
  4. Once they’re dry, you can put them on the tins and dump the respective spices into their tins!

See how easy that was? Oh, want to know the best part of using chalkboard paint & ink?! YOU CAN ERASE THEM WITH WATER!! If you change up the tin with a different spice, if you write it wrong, you just take a wet paper towel, wipe and start over!! So awesome, huh?!

The way I have them now (shown above) doesn’t really help if I accumulate more spices as I’ll have to end up stacking them in front of the rows I have now, defeating the purpose of the labeling system. I found these which will help elevate the spices on different levels or this. Not sure which I’ll do yet but at least I have options :)

Happy spice organizing!

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  1. Do these tins actually stackwell? Due to COVID19 the link you posted isn’t shipping to new customers so I found another on amazon and they are balancing but not truly stackable.

    1. Yes, spices stay fresh. The closure: you just put the lid on and then pop open by grabbing the sides and pulling up

  2. Hi! I love this wonderful idea! I ordered the tins and noticed they are smaller than I thought. Do you have an issue with a spice not fitting in the container? Also, those labels are showing that they aren’t available anymore and I can’t find any others that are small enough to fit the 4 oz container. Any idea where I can find those labels?