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This was one of the most exciting parts of the entire build process so far. We had driven by early afternoon one day and all the wood and framing materials had been delivered and then the very next day, we drove by and ALL of the above was there. We were in SHOCK that it could go up so fast in literally half a day. It was probably like five hours of work. SO crazy and BEYOND exciting. When you start to see changes such as the above, it really starts to feel more real.


We then drove by the next day and saw even more progress! Seriously, this was in a course of 3-4 days that they put up the entire house. Evergreene allots 10 days for framing but I swear they did it in 7 days. It was insane to see how fast it was going up.




Jason swung by the house early one morning before work and I’m so glad he did because he got to see the giant crane putting up the roof framing!!! I know I sound overly excited about all this but we’ve never built a house before and have never been through this process. It’s all so very exciting for us (as you can obviously tell my enthusiasm).


And then we drove by last Saturday and it was completely framed and under roof. SO FAST.

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We then walked around the entire first floor to get a real feel of the size of the rooms. The above is me in part of our future kitchen. YOU GUYS I SERIOUSLY CAN’T FREAKING WAIT. And that giant window? It looks out into the backyard and we’ll get the morning light in the kitchen!!!!


And there you have it. Completely framed and ready for some shingles, electrical, plumbing, and then drywall! We haven’t had a chance to stop by the house all week because it’s been raining so we don’t think they’ve done much, if anything at all. I hope to have another update soon!

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