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New construction home build; more details at

We’re in the homestretch, y’all!! I just realized this is the first time I’ve shared the color of our house. It’s called Deep Ocean Hardiplank! It’s so beautiful. We absolutely LOVE it!

In exactly twenty 27 days, the house will be officially ours. And in 29 days, we will be moving in!

New construction home build; more details at

There is SO MUCH going on at the house. It’s incredibly busy onsite these days and for good reason! They have to be done by the 23rd because that’s our pre-settlement demonstration.

Due to how fast this is all moving, I feel like all my photos are out of date and I can’t share them with you fast enough. Best way to keep up (if you’re interested in this home series) is to follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram Stories whenever I head to the house! Which is daily :)

As of today, all the lighting is in, we have ELECTRICITY, countertops, cabinets, tile, tubs, toilets, stoned fireplace, a deck, and so much more I’m probably missing.

New construction home build; more details at

Appliances come in next week and when I stopped over at the house yesterday, the hardwood floors were going in!!!

New construction home build; more details at

I’m obsessed with my new sink. I chose this Kohler single bowl sink because I absolutely HATE divided sinks. You can’t freaking fit anything in there! Single bowl all the way. I think I’m going to be very happy washing dishes, haha

I don’t particularly like the faucet though so I think we are going to swap it out with this one when we move in. It didn’t make sense to do it with the builder because of the upcharge.

New construction home build; more details at

And here is our living room with the beautiful stone fireplace!

New construction home build; more details at

We are OBSESSED with this ceramic tile above. It looks just like wood floors but it’s actually tile! It was a perfect choice for our mudroom because you can dirty it up without any worries!

New construction home build; more details at

This is the cabinetry we picked for our master bath. We went for a more “elegant” theme in our master bath to keep it completely different than the rest of the house. We wanted it to be like a more spa-like setting.

New construction home build; more details at

Lol, this shower is a little excessive.

New construction home build; more details at

Do you hear the angels singing? Yay for a free-standing tub! I’m not a bath person but maybe I will be with this tub :)

New construction home build; more details at

This was when they were still working on our deck but it’s now done so I’ll have to go snap a photo of it whenever I get out there!

And that’s it!! Lots going on and I’m sure I’ll have one more update before we go to settlement. If you’re wondering what’s happening to this series after we’re done and moved in…well, duh…a house tour!! :)

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  1. I love your house! SOO beautiful :) I have the exact same sink, what are your tips and tricks to keep it clean? I haven’t perfected my process with it yet since it’s still fairly new for us as well.

    1. Thanks so much!! Do you have the sink grate that comes with it? I think that helps a lot to keep scratches at bay but otherwise, I don’t think it gets terribly dirty! I just wipe the front of it with a damp microfiber cloth.

  2. Everything looks amazing! I didn’t think I was a bath person either…until we moved into our new house with an amazing tub. Now I’m in there as much as I can be!

  3. How exciting. I absolutely love that exterior color. And completely agree about divided sinks. They should be banned.

    1. LOL I love that you said “they should be banned” – rofl, that seriously cracked me up! Thank you for your kind words!!