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Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

FINALLY! I finally got my shit together and took photos of our new kitchen!

When we were building our house, this was obviously the area of the house that I focused on. I have always wanted to design my dream kitchen and while there is always that something more that you find along the way that you wish you could’ve done; I feel that this is very close to what I envisioned!

My checklist for my dream kitchen was large, white, lots of storage, more counter space, and a big sink. I definitely got all that checked off! I love being able to finally maneuver around in my kitchen AND have a lot of counter space to prep everything.

Oh! And the second island above: this area in the floorplans from the builder…it was supposed to be an area where a dinette was going to go. They even put a chandelier there but we told them to get rid of the chandelier and give us two canned/ceiling lights because we envisioned more prep space and a photography area for me. Realistically having a table here would have made the area so small. I love that we put a second island in — it’s also where I store all my photography boards and linens :) the island is from Wayfair.

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

As weird as this sounds, this sink and faucet has made me so happy. It’s not that I love doing dishes but with a functional sink where I can fit baking sheets and pots into; it makes cleanup a lot easier. And I am such a huge fan of the apron front sinks but we didn’t want to get the white porcelain because I haven’t heard very good reviews of them from friends who have it.

We were thrilled to see Kohler have a stainless apron front sink in a single bowl design. At first I was really against the stainless apron front but the more I looked at it, the more I agreed that it would match our kitchen perfectly.

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

The faucet of my dreams!! I LOVE the popularity of these types of faucets. We bought this faucet even before the house was complete. We wanted to get the plumber to install it for us but he had already installed the builder’s faucet so we just did it ourselves. A fun little DIY the second day we moved in, haha — it was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.

So so happy with this purchase!

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

The moment I saw this little nook next to the pantry and refrigerator, I knew it was going to be our coffee nook. You know how much I love my iced lattes and a good cup of coffee! Our Breville espresso maker and other coffee supplies fit perfectly in this nook.

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

You guys, the one big thing (I feel like everything in this kitchen was considered a “big thing” I HAD to have) I really wanted in our new kitchen was a POT FILLER! I know it seems ridiculous and pointless but I really love that I don’t have to go to the sink to fill up a big ole pot of water. I use this pot filler pretty regularly and it’s so handy.

I also use it sometimes when I’m prepping and I need to measure out some water. I don’t have to go to the sink! Or if I’m cooking something, like a stew, and it needs more water. I can just use the pot filler!

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

In our previous home, I couldn’t have both my mixers on the countertop but now they have a little home in the corner!

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

Obsessed with our double oven and microwave combo. It’s all digital and touchscreen (I know — it’s going to suck when it breaks in the future because it’s all electronic) but it’s really sleek. The top is a microwave and convection oven combo and the bottom is just an oven. It’s neat :)

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

This technically isn’t the kitchen but it’s right off the kitchen as a ‘prep’ area for drinks and parties. They call it a butler’s pantry and I understand why they call it that but everytime I say it to someone, they think we actually have a butler, LOL

We didn’t buy the beverage center from the builder because the upcharge is ridiculous. Instead, we just told them to give us a plug and a cutout opening for one. We bought the Jenn-Air one after the fact and we love it! Well, Jason loves it because he finally has a place for all his beers!

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

This was one of the add-on options that we added. I love the look of the stemware holder in a butler’s pantry.

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

Here’s the view of the kitchen from the butler’s pantry. A different angle!

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

Oh my gosh. The saga of our counter stools. This was one of the first things we wanted to purchase for our house but it ended up taking far longer than we thought. Everything we looked at either was not the right style or it was something we liked but not loved. I think we must have looked at over 70 different counter stools before we finally found the ones above. And it was one of those moments where when you saw it, you were like, THIS IS IT!!

At first I wanted stools with no backs but we realized it would be uncomfortable and since we do eat at the island a lot, we were glad we ended up getting stools with backs and cushioned. Additionally, if we had friends over (and conversation always ends up in the kitchen), we didn’t want people to be uncomfortable.

Our new house: the kitchen tour! Built my dream kitchen :)

Okay, if you are remodeling or building house or anything…I highly recommend getting DRAWERS in your cabinets. They are such back savers and so much more convenient. Had I known how awesome it was going to be, I honestly would have put pull-out drawers in ALL our cabinets. That could be a fun thing to do further down the line, though. I know Container Store and the like sell things like this to help with pull-out drawers.

Oh, and I realized I never touched on the counters. We did an all white quartz countertop. I’ve heard really great things about quartz so that’s why we went with it. I love granite but the patterns on the granite selection that our builder had were very patterned and had too much grain in it. I wanted something plain and I think this white quartz sealed the deal!

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  1. Love it!!! I love how spacious and light it is. I love the extra island. I love the sink and faucet. You did a great job.

  2. I love it, Julie! I’ve seen glimpses on your IG stories… thanks for doing a tour. I always love seeing peoples’ nice sparkling new kitchens! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s white subway tile (it’s kind of embossed on the edges they’re raised up a bit and not totally flat white subway tiles) and yep, light grey grout!