Meal Prepping Containers

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    By far, the best way to store all your hard work is in glass containers.

    I personally don’t like plastic because they can absorb flavors and they stain horribly.

    I love going to big box warehouses and buying variety packs of glass containers because they come in all shapes and sizes.

    You’ll want all shapes and sizes so you can store things with ease. Not everything is going to need a round container and not everything is going to need a square or rectangular container.

    Recently, I have found ones on Amazon that have a vent in the lid to be the best for re-heating meals. So on meal prep days, if I make a big batch of food, I try to portion it out into those containers so when I reheat in the microwave, it’s easy to let the steam escape through the lid.

    Glass containers also great because you can SEE everything!

    When they’re stacked in the fridge, it’s so much easier to glance at what you need to grab vs. taking everything out and removing the lid.

    Specific glass containers for meals

    I recently discovered these bento-style glass meal containers and I LOVE them.

    On days I have to go into the office for work, I make my breakfast ahead of time and most of the time it includes some sort of vegetable that has a lot of liquid (i.e. mushrooms and spinach).

    These divided sections are great to contain the liquid to one section without soaking the other side. If you’re anything like me, I hate when food juices get into other items on my plate.

    The divided sections are also great for portioning out rice or quinoa and then the vegetables and/or meat.

    Here’s a list of recipes that would be perfect for these divided containers:

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