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Modern office ideas | new construction homes

YOU GUYS. I know; I fell off the face of the planet with house updates immediately after we moved in. But I’m back! With an office tour!

I can’t believe it’s been TWO MONTHS since we moved in. It kind of seems like ages ago but not really. I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling. The house initially felt really big but now it feels like a normal sized house for the three of us. I know a lot of people who come over think it’s a massive amount of space for two adults and a dog but we truly feel that this is the perfect space for us.

We finally feel officially settled in and we’ve even done some tiny house ‘upgrades’ like swapping out a light switch for a programmable one for our outdoor lights (we always forgot to turn them on so our house was like the only one dark on the street, lol). We also feel like Home Depot is our second home as I think we have gone every weekend since we’ve moved in and sometimes three times a day.

The chandelier in my office was the very last piece that went in that completed the office so now I can finally share it with you! I listed all the pieces and where I got them at the bottom of the post.

Modern office ideas | new construction homes

The desk and chair are original (from my old office) but everything else is new!

At first I didn’t want a rug in the office but then I decided I was going to get faux cowhide and then I went completely opposite of that and got the rug you see pictured above. I love it! It goes with everything!

Modern office ideas | new construction homes

I have been wanting this bookshelf ever since I laid eyes on it in my friend Gaby’s office. I love how deep the shelves are and how massively long it is. The natural color is so pretty too. It matches pretty much everything!

Modern office ideas | new construction homes

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, I was trying to figure out what to do with this massive wall space. I didn’t want to use my canvas photos from my old office because the photos are outdated and I also didn’t want to use canvas photos again period because when you canvas photos, I feel like you’re committing. I wanted to be able to swap out the photos from time to time.

My friend Laura mentioned I could do a grid-type wall. I found this 9-grid system on Wayfair and omg, it was perfect!

Modern office ideas | new construction homes

Of course Winston has his little corner :) that oil painting of Winston was a gift from Jason’s brother and SIL. It was so thoughtful and the painting is beautiful!

Modern office ideas | new construction homes


Modern office ideas | new construction homes

My love for London and Harry Potter <3

Here’s everything that you may ask where I got it:

Chandelier – West Elm

Floor Lamp – Target

Bookshelf – West Elm

Desk (they updated it to be metal instead of white) – Pottery Barn

Rug – Wayfair

Photo frames – Wayfair

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  1. Omigosh Julie it’s so gorgeous and looooovvveeee the painting of Winston! People say that about our house too, with it being the 3 of us, but honestly we use the entire space . Wouldn’t have it any other way!