Fig and Rosemary Glazed Skillet Chicken

A sticky sweet and tangy sauce coats this cast iron skillet chicken! This dish will be a huge hit in your house and you will love using your cast iron skillet in no time!

I don’t cook in my cast iron skillet nearly enough. I see Pioneer Woman doing it all the time on tv and I always hear that cast iron skillets give the best sear and heat distribution. Plus, who doesn’t love a skillet that you can throw in the oven to finish cooking? I use my cast iron dutch oven often but the skillet is something I could dirty up a little more often! In fact, I did dirty up the…

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Chilled Spicy Pork Ramen

This Momofuku-inspired spicy chilled pork ramen dish is everything your tastebuds have dreamed of! The cool and spicy flavors pair perfectly with the candied cashews on top. If you can't get yourself to David Chang's Momofuku restaurant, I feel that this dish is a great runner up!

This ramen takes me back to Vegas. The time Brandy and I went to see our beloved Backstreet Boys. I still want to go back and see them and relive the 90’s all over again. Omg, speaking of that — I saw this video on Facebook the other day where they showed current teenagers who Backstreet Boys were and quizzed them on it. It was hilarious. But at the end, they told them that BSB has a comeback tour and…

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Mediterranean Tuna White Bean Salad

Mediterranean tuna white bean salad is full of flavorful ingredients and deliciously tasty tuna that is full of protein! An easy and healthy lunch option for those who are looking for new lunch ideas that will keep you full!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Genova Seafood. All opinions are my own. When we were in grade school, I was always that kid that had tuna fish sandwiches for lunch. On one hand, I was so excited for them because I actually love tuna fish sandwiches but on the other hand, I was always slightly embarrassed to open my lunchbox because that tuna fish smell just wafted through the air and I became “that kid.” However, tuna…

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Cookbook Club: Chrissy Teigen’s CRAVINGS

Whoever said cookbooks just sit on a shelf? Not when you start a cookbook club! They're the best excuse to get all your girlfriends together to eat, gossip, and catch up on life! Start your own cookbook club with these easy steps!

I have started my very own club — a cookbook club! If you’re interested in starting your own, it’s super simple and a lot of fun. I mean, if you love food to the degree that I love food, you need to sign yourself up for this club or start one!! The idea is that you all choose a cookbook to cook out of. Everyone makes a dish from it and brings it to the host’s house. You can then…

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Cheesy Chorizo Orzo with Blistered Tomatoes and Spinach

Cheesy chorizo orzo with blistered tomatoes and spinach is a quick and easy dinner with simple ingredients! Small ingredient list, LARGE flavor! You will love the flavors of this and how little effort it takes to come together!

I feel like I need to address Hurricane Harvey. I know this is primarily a food and travel blog but it’s technically my journal of all the things so I feel it’s appropriate given the circumstances. The devastation is heartbreaking to watch on tv and read online. Please take a moment to read the many different ways you can help from afar. You can even SPONSOR A FAMILY!! I signed up and you can too! In addition, I donated to…

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