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This carnitas pizza is packed with awesome flavor and loaded with meat

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This is the 3rd installment of PW Wednesday’s and I have to say, this is the most epic one yet. Just LOOK at that MEATY PIZZA!!! Good job, Gina, on picking this winner of a recipe!!

Let’s go right on in for its close-up. The ingredients on this pizza are INSANE. It’s not with a regular tomato base sauce, but with a tomatillo salsa! Who would’ve thunk?! Oh right, Pioneer Woman, of course! And the caramelized onions and red peppers..oh my gosh. I’m going to start drooling just thinking of this pizza.

My favorite part was all the MEAT on top of the pizza. You could never get something like this at a local pizzeria, and if even if you could, I bet it’d be like $20 a slice.

Yes, extra large slices were mandatory for this pizza. And extra au jus from the cooked meat was spectacular on the pizza as well. Oh, and don’t you dare skimp on dipping it in the tomatillo salsa after every bite.

My personal notes about this recipe:

  • I cooked the meat in the crockpot on high for 4 hours, meat came out super tender and fell apart just as easily.
  • I used mango nectar.
  • I think it needed more of a spicy kick to it. The outside rub, even though you seared it on initially, I feel like it didn’t do anything to the spice level of the meat as a whole.
  • I made my own pizza dough.
  • I didn’t use fresh mozzarella slices as called for in the recipe. I had a huge bag of shredded mozzarella from Costco that was about to expire so I used that instead. Still turned out great.
  • You get a TON of leftover meat, which is great because you can make sandwiches with them or use it as protein for a salad. Or make another epic pizza.

We all decided to make mango margaritas with this dish, too, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a blender* and I tried using my food processor and it was just utter disaster. I just don’t think it was made to cut ice haha ;) you can still check out everyone else’s beautiful margaritas!

Gina has the recipe on her blog this week, be sure to check out everyone else’s: Megan, Rachel, and Tina!

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  1. Made this last night, I was too lazy to make a crust so I layered everything into a casserole dish and baked it at 500 for 15 minutes- delish!