Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad

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    This ridiculously amazing Asian ramen salad will have you and your guests going back for thirds and fourths. Everyone will be asking for the recipe and you’ll want to bring this easy dish to every potluck!

    Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad via tablefortwoblog.com

    This Asian ramen salad is so ridiculously amazing!

    This salad is true to its name.

    My aunt gave me this recipe from which she got from her late husband’s family in Indiana.

    Every single time we make this salad and bring it to potlucks, it is the FIRST to go. Every single time!

    There’s never a time we leave with some of the salad left in the bowl. It’s always devoured.

    I’ve been eating this Asian ramen salad for years and years. I always think of my aunt whenever I have this salad and I love the memories it evokes.

    See? Food is always attached to a memory!

    The best part is, this is probably the easiest thing to throw together. If you need a side dish to bring to a party or potluck, this Asian ramen salad has your name written all over it!

    Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad via tablefortwoblog.com

    Bring this Asian ramen salad to a potluck or party. It is fit for a crowd!

    It’s so easy to double, triple, or quadruple this Asian ramen salad for whatever size potluck or party you are going to. I have heard of someone trying to make this for 100 people.

    Can you imagine?

    That is a whole lot of Asian ramen salad to go around! Haha

    But I think the most appealing part of this recipe is how easy it is and the fact that it’s okay if it sits out at parties and potlucks. Nothing will “go bad” in this recipe so after you take it out of the fridge from its initial chilling, it is fine to sit out at the table.

    Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad via tablefortwoblog.com

    What kind of add-ins could I add into this Asian ramen salad?

    So, my Asian ramen salad recipe is from my aunt and just like all recipes, there is a bunch of different ways that people make this recipe. There are so many variations and different ways it has been passed down!

    In being passed down from generation to generation, there’s always little add-ins that I have heard of through the years that would make a great addition to this salad.

    Here are some that I think would be great:

    • Shredded chicken
    • Mandarin oranges
    • Edamame
    • Napa cabbage

    With or without the seasoning packet?

    I get a lot of questions on this and my answer is no.

    In my recipe below, I actually tell you to omit the seasoning packet from the ramen because it’s filled with gross ingredients and so much sodium.

    Would sesame oil work in this Asian ramen salad?

    Using 3/4 cup of sesame oil would completely overpower the salad. I would say if you want to add in sesame oil, use like 1 tablespoon.

    Are the ramen noodles supposed to be crispy/uncooked?

    Yes. That’s the point. The crunchy ramen noodles give it texture and bite.

    They do get “soggy” after they have been sitting in the salad for awhile (since it soaks up the liquid) so there are two ways you can go about this:

    • Don’t add the ramen noodles until right before you serve if you want the crunchy texture.
    • Add the ramen noodles in before you put it in the fridge to chill; you’ll get slightly softened/soggy noodles but some people don’t like the extra crunch.

    Alright, so now I’ve talked your ear off about this Asian ramen salad you should probably go grab the ingredients listed in the recipe below and get to making!

    It’ll be gone soo fast and you’ll get requests from everyone for the recipe :)

    Come back and let me know how it goes ;)

    That’s how positive I am that it’s THAT good!

    Other great potluck recipe ideas:

    This ridiculously amazing Asian ramen salad will have you and your guests going back for thirds and fourths. Everyone will be asking for the recipe and you'll want to bring this easy dish to every potluck! #ramensalad #asianramensalad

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    Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad

    This ridiculously amazing Asian ramen salad will have you and your guests going back for thirds and fourths. Everyone will be asking for the recipe and you'll want to bring this easy dish to every potluck!
    Prep Time: 2 hrs 10 mins
    Total Time: 2 hrs 10 mins
    Course: Appetizer, Side Dish
    Cuisine: American, Asian
    Servings (adjustable, but please note that results, timing, and cookware may vary when adjusting servings): 8 -10
    Calories: 456kcal
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    • 1: 16 ounce bag coleslaw mix
    • 1 cup sunflower seeds, de-shelled/shelled/no shells
    • 1 cup sliced almonds
    • 2: 3 ounce bags ramen* (any flavor, you won't be using the seasoning packets so it doesn't matter)
    • 5 stalks of scallions, sliced
    • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
    • 1/3 cup white vinegar
    • 1/2 cup granulated sugar


    • In a large bowl, place coleslaw mix, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, crushed ramen (see note below), and scallions.
    • In a large measuring cup, add vegetable oil, vinegar, and sugar. Whisk together. Don't worry if the sugar will not completely dissolve.
    • Pour oil mixture over the coleslaw mix and toss everything together with a large spatula until everything is coated well.
    • Cover bowl with plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
    • Serve cold or room temperature.



    To crush ramen, place ramen block into a Ziploc bag and using a rolling pin, gently crush the ramen into smaller pieces.
    I personally didn't add the seasoning packets because I don't like the MSG/sodium content in ramen seasoning packets. However, I know this is a popular recipe and there are MANY variations of it. So, it's all up to preference on whether or not you want to add the seasoning packets, or anything else to this salad! :)
    Nutrition Facts
    Ridiculously Amazing Asian Ramen Salad
    Amount Per Serving (1 Serving)
    Calories 456 Calories from Fat 315
    % Daily Value*
    Fat 35g54%
    Saturated Fat 5g25%
    Carbohydrates 32g11%
    Fiber 3g12%
    Sugar 15g17%
    Protein 7g14%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    *Nutrition facts are an estimate and not guaranteed to be accurate.


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  • lisa mccoy says:

    I actually cook the noodles an let them cool down a bit. also, i use the seasoning packets mixed in with the sugar, vinegar and oil. it just gives it alittle more flavor

    • Stacy says:

      This is what I do! The seasoning packet adds so much flavor and the roasting of the nuts makes a deep nutty flavor and crunch. In addition, I substitute half of the oil with sesame oil. This gives it a real Asian nutty flavor!

      • Megan says:

        What flavor ramen is everyone using?

    • Mary says:

      How was the salad after you cook the noodles im make it tommorrow

  • Linda says:

    I added a Tablespoon of soy sauce and a bag of Edamame to it. Toasted the nuts and Ramen noodles. Great recipe! Thanks

  • Natalie says:

    I love this recipe although I tweet it a little.

    1. Add broccoli to my cabbage
    2. Use Wasabi almonds
    3. Use a combo of peanut, sesame and coconut oil instead of veg
    4. Add the ramen flavor packet
    5. Usually have a bag of frozen chicken breast that my husband pregrills so I pull a few out and add them in.

    Great light summer meal, no heat needed!

  • PAT says:

    ~ Julie, I love your Amazing Ramen Salad! A family favorite. Just for me, I wanted to make half the recipe, so I just used a small Napa cabbage instead of the cole slaw mix. Worked fine. Also used rice wine vinegar. I’d like some advice: what if I used Stevia instead of sugar? I’m not brave enough to experiment without some expert help.

    ~ Oh, and I especially like your Salad with small shrimp!

    • Julie says:

      Stevia would be just fine.

    • Jamie says:

      the recipe says white vinegar does that mean distilled or does it mean white wine vinegar

      • Julie says:

        Distilled white vinegar

      • Jenna says:

        What if i used white wine vinegar?

        • Julie says:

          You can

  • P. Reyes says:

    I must be your aunts age ,I got the recipe Sans sunflower seeds but instead with golden raisins in Nevada where I lived in the 80’s I think the seeds are a nice addition and think red wine vinegar might work well now instead perhaps with a light olive oil

  • Tammy says:

    I can’t wait to try this one. It looks yummy. And so easy.

  • Amanda B. Epperson says:

    Hi, for the dressing try a raspberry vinegarette…. Yumm!

  • Kelly says:

    Do you boil the noodles first?

    • Julie says:

      You don’t boil the noodles at all. They’re there for the crunchy texture!

  • Virginia says:

    can this coleslaw be made 12 house in advance?

    • Julie says:

      Yes, you can, but your ramen might not be as crunchy so you might want to keep that separate and mix it in before serving.

  • Dawn Driver says:

    I was looking for an Asian Coleslaw recipe and came across yours. It is as delicious as you think it is and I will be taking it to potluck dinners myself, as well as any barbeque nights we have for family and friends. It is perfect!

  • Crystal says:

    How many people does this recipe feed?

    • Julie says:

      I mentioned in the recipe it yields 8-10 but personally, I feel it’s more like 6-8 because it’s so addicting ;)

      • Steve says:

        I just made it and it served one . . . me

  • Jonsie says:

    I crush the Ramen and add them and the sunflower seeds and almonds to a skillet with a drizzle of EVOO and a small pat of butter. Stirring them on medium heat until golden brown. I also add 1/3 cup of soy sauce to the oil, vinegar and sugar mixture. Always a hit, never have left overs.

    • Tracy says:

      Gonna try this,,maybe my little grandkids will love it too !

  • Susan Curtis says:

    Can you use rice vinegar instead of vinegar?

  • Barbara says:

    Where is the recipe for amazing Ramen Chicken Salad?

    • Julie says:

      If you are on a mobile device, scroll back up and click on the big purple button that says CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.

  • bernice golda says:

    are we supposed to cook the ramen noodles or serve uncooked

    Thank YOu

    • Julie says:

      Uncooked. It’s for the crunch and texture!

  • Diane W. says:

    This was good. I have to eat gluten free, so Ramen noodles are not an option. So instead I used fried Sai Fun noodles. I don’t think it is quite the same as Ramen noodles but it works. I also had to make Ramen noodle seasoning from scratch as well but that wasn’t hard. I need a big punch of flavor. May also add a zing of lemon juice and some bacon as a variation next time. But what a great salad overall!

    • Yvette says:

      I’m from Canada and I found gf ramen noodles at a Bulk Barn store called Jade Pearl Rice Ramen with Miso soup mix distributed by Lotus Foods of Richmond,, CA. I’m also gluten and msg intolerant, I had no problems with these at all. They’re also 87% organic.

  • Breezybest says:

    I buy the already seasoned dry ramen noodles in the Asian section of the grocery store so theres more flavor. I also toast the nuts and I use roasted and salted sunflower seeds (most of the time I don’t use sunflower seeds though).

  • Sarah says:

    Omg!! Been making this for years too!!!
    I toast the ramen noodles and almonds in the oven before serving which adds to the yummy!! Plus I have always added the ramen seasoning packet to my dressing. Yum.
    Yum!! Never added coleslaw though. Going to do that!!

  • Denise Garrcia-Cornog says:

    Love this salad
    Lost my recipe so trying this
    Seems exactly the same
    But really
    With the stuff they put in the noodles your
    Worried about MSG

  • Stella says:

    An awesome and flexible recipe! Thank you so much!!! You ROCK!!!!

  • Deb Hassler says:

    This salad is a great side for Chicken, Fish, Grilled Steak or Burgers.
    I like to add Rasins or grapes and shredded Carrots for sweetness and color. This salad is AMAZINGLY delicious!! You must try it

  • Theresa says:

    Delicious !

  • Katie says:

    I’ve been making this recipe for years, For the dressing I use peanut oil instead of vegetable and add the beef seasoning from the ramen. Amazing!

  • Marilyn Canja says:

    I have made this twice and love it! I know there could be lots of variations – I added shelled edamame and cut the ramen in half and it was a big hit at our Easter family picnic.

  • Rebecca says:

    I added approximately 1 t. lime juice and sesame oil and it made the flavors pop!

  • Kris says:

    My moms makes this but also adds a head of napa cabbage shredded. Also we often add some chicken and mandarin oranges from a can, rinsed. I’m diabetic so,use Splenda instead of sugar also.

  • Kae says:

    I also toast the the ramen and almonds under broiler. Watch carefully as they will burn very fast. Just brings out the flavor more. Make this salad all the time for potlucks. YUM!

  • Laurel says:

    I like to add dried cranberries to mine!

  • S says:

    On Pinterest it says this recipe is gluten free but it wouldn’t be. You could substitute rice ramen and it would be. Thanks for this yummy salad. I love it!!

    • Julie says:

      Yeah, Pinterest has HORRIBLE categorization for recipes. They’re wrong 90% of the time and it’s super annoying. I usually just tell people to come to the blog for the full recipe and you’ll see I never label recipes under a specific dietary restriction if it truly isn’t.

      • Rosemary says:

        Can I add a tablespoon of peanut butter to this recipe?

        • Julie says:

          To the sauce? Sure!

  • Jamie says:

    I love this salad my recipe calls for a little sesame oil and it makes all the difference. Sooooo good. Thanks for publishing this.

  • Pamela Bennet says:

    Jane, how funny that we ALL have been making this salad, each with a different “tweak”! I’ve been making the original recipe for at least 30 years, always being told I need to bring it to the Bunco, Tupperware or Princess House party of the week! LOL! Not to mention Baby Showers, Wedding Showers……ya’l get where I’m going! And yes, The recipe is always requested! After making this for many, many years, I too felt a “tweak” was in order! After a lot of test runs, finally landed on one that I liked. My dressing is made with evoo, red wine vinegar, 6 Tbsp. sugar, 2 Chicken flavor or Roasted Chicken flavor Top Ramen packets, soy sauce, sesame oil, and jam! Yep! I use one of the following, depending on my mood, Apricot, Peach, Orange Marmalaide, or any variety of berry. I also use 1 bag cabbage slaw and one bag of broccoli slaw. I toast with a pat of REAL butter almond slices or slivers and use one whole bunch of green onions. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I add an entire bag of raw Snow Pea pods. It’s so good! And I don’t add the dry noodles or dressing until just before serving. I swear ladies, I think I’ve have each one of your recipes at least once through the years. I guess this is why I read cook books like a novel! So much FUN trying a new “tweak”!

    • Marilyn says:

      Lots of variations on this recipe out there. It’s a good one. I like to add snow pea pods to this as well. A really nice addition is to add some soy sauce and some grated ginger to the salad dressing. To cut the calories, I only use about 1/3 c. oil and sometimes I change the vinegar to rice vinegar or change the oil to sesame oil. Fresh Edamame is also a good addition. For a full meal, add shredded cooked chicken, diced leftover pork loin roast, or cooked shrimp to the dressing to marinate it for about 15 minutes before adding to the coleslaw. This works with any of the Ramen noodle flavors, but Oriental is still the best.

  • Patricia B says:

    We had it last night. Great!! I used rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds and almonds. We starting snacking on it before dinner couldn’t stop! Grilled bone in chicken breast with Weber Kick’n Chicken seasoning. A new go to summer dinner.

  • Susan says:

    Try adding a little sesame oil in with the vegetable oil…yummy!

  • Susan Koster says:

    can you use other oil in this recipe?
    olive oil or avocado oil?

    • Julie says:

      I would say avocado oil and not olive oil since olive oil has more of a taste and you don’t really want that in this salad.

  • LandSlideLily says:

    I made the Asian salad. I used garlic vinegar and next time I am going to add an extra bag of ramen or cut down the amount of oil I also used the seasoning packets (the chicken picante ones)freshly ground pepper, red onion and celery. I am letting it sit for the 2 hours, just tossed it again and there is to much oil for my taste

  • Rita says:

    Do the ramen noodles get soft? Or stay hard? Thank you!

    • Julie says:

      If you add them in prior to refrigeration, they get soft. If you like the crunchy texture, you can add them in after the salad has chilled.

  • Katie says:

    What flavor of ramen would you recommend? I’m thinking oriental flavor but would that be too strong?

    • Julie says:

      You don’t use the flavor seasoning packet in the ramen for the recipe.

  • Lisa P. Forkner says:

    I make this substituting 2 Tbs vegetable oil for 2 Tbs Seaseme oil and I use one packet of the beef flavoring. Personal preference. It’s always a winner.

  • Rae says:

    Love this!!! Made it for a work potluck and roasted the almonds in a little butter and used napa cabbage; I also added mandarin wedges but cut the sugar a little. Yummmmmm

  • Nancy says:

    If you make this recipe with ingredients as listed this is the way it is supposed to taste. If you cook the noodles and add other ingredients you are not making this recipe.

  • Mary says:

    Browning or lightly roasting the ramen make sit even better

  • Beth says:

    I use beef ramen noodles. I put 2 flavor packets in the dressing. Delish!

  • MICHELLE says:

    I made this for a get together, it was great and simple. People were asking for it the next day.

  • Marilyn says:

    Actually I’m very interested in the story of your mouth pain. I have that and can’t get rid of it. Please tell me your details and how you cured it….thank you!!

    • Julie says:

      I just did salt water mouth rinses and I also used this essential oil called Thieves by Young Living and although it stings on the canker sore, it made it go away in about a day! I swear I’m not trying to sell you on essential oils; it’s just what I decided to try because I had it on hand.

  • Cecelia Weeks says:

    A friend made this for a dinner party. It was delicious! But we sauté the almonds and ramen for a little bit and let cool before adding to rest of salad.

  • Gail Ann Bethea says:

    I really need this recipe. Please e-mail it to me

    • Julie says:

      It’s in the post…just scroll up or down

  • Carole says:

    This recipe looks aaammmaaazzzing but just want to make sure I understand. I don’t see anywhere that the ramen is supposed to be cooked. Does the sauce do all the work with respect to softening the noodles?

    • Julie says:

      The ramen isn’t supposed to be cook. It’s supposed to be the crunchy texture in this salad. The sauce does soften the noodles if you add the ramen noodles into the salad prior to putting it in the fridge to chill.

  • Arlene Fenno-Gust says:

    I crush the Raman noodles and sauteed them, along with almonds and sesame seed in butter until golden brown. Cool on paper towel. This adds more flavor to the salad.

    In addition, I boil the water, vinegar and sugar. I also add soy sauce. Let cool.

    Just before serving, I add the noodle and vinegar mixture. This prevents it from getting soggy.

    Always a hit!

  • Tracy Muscatello says:

    I know this! A coworker brought it in to work and it was so good I took the bowl early and took it home. Nobody got any at home either, all mine, lol. It was exactly as stated in the recipe and it is unbelievable.

  • Carol Koan says:

    The Aisain salad is great like all your recipes Thanks

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