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Stitch Fix October Review



It’s that time of the month!! It’s Stitch Fix October Review edition! :)

Here’s what I got in my box this month….

I will say that this was probably one of the boxes I didn’t really like. I only kept two of the five items!


I loved the pattern on this dress but if only it was one size smaller. It made my chest area really saggy/big and the overall fit of the dress just made me look frumpy. It was $58.


This was a pretty cute dress. I loved the flare bottom of it and I think it’d be really cute to wear in the winter time with some tights and flats. This dress was $78.


I love me some cardigans!! This cardigan sweater was in a perfect shade of light grey and I really so badly wanted to keep it but it was so gosh dang itchy!! I think it was made out of wool or something but I really wanted to rip this thing off me. I couldn’t even deal with it standing there getting my picture taken, haha..also, it was $58. You could easily find something like this at Target for $20 or even less somewhere else.


Teal and black stripes, do I really have to think twice on this one? Nope. Kept it! It was a decent price, too. I believe it was $48.


Ok, this shirt was awkward. It sort of fit but then the bottom of it was obnoxiously long. Like it hung under my crotch area. It was just a really weird cut and fit. Didn’t keep it – and worst of all, this was one of the most expensive pieces in there! I think this was $68 or $78..definitely not worth it.

So, overall, this box wasn’t a hit as my other boxes were but I’m still pleased with the Stitch Fix service and I’d definitely use them again :) I can’t wait until my next fix because…bring on the Fall clothes!!

Which items did you like/dislike in my October Stitch Fix box?

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post! I purchase these monthly boxes on my own. This post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that give me a little credit towards my next box. It just means you help contribute to more Stitch Fix reviews :)

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