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We Have Walls!!

I’m slightly behind on house updates because as of today, the walls are painted AND all the hardiplank siding is on outside! But here’s an update nonetheless!

When we walked into the house and saw all the drywall, I will be honest: I was a little sad.

I was so used to seeing through the walls and all the wood frame and it was just weird that it was all covered up. It moved so fast and although we had been waiting forever for this moment; the moment it would really start to feel like a house, it was still a bit sad to me! I truly can’t describe the feeling but I think it was because we had been staring at wooden frames for weeks, it was just a bit jarring to see WALLS!

But I am obviously not complaining because this only puts us one step closer to our house being finished!!

I can’t wait to share more photos soon. I’ll reveal our exterior house color and hopefully get to show you some cabinets and more! We are supposed to get our settlement date soon which means we are super close. I think a little over a month now. AHHH!

Rhonda Sutton

Saturday 18th of February 2017

Thank you for the homemade recipes!


Wednesday 15th of February 2017

How exciting!