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Winston’s 2nd Barkday


We celebrated Winston’s 2nd barkday (birthday) last Saturday by inviting his friends over to finally play in our new big backyard that we basically purchased because of Winston, haha

All day we kept telling him about how all his friends were going to come over and play and obviously we knew he couldn’t understand us but I think he could “feel” our excitement because 10 minutes before everyone showed up…he was super restless and wondering why we were setting up food on our deck and everything. Oh my goodness, we had A BLAST! Thoroughly tired him and all his friends out. He got so many treats and toys from his friends. I hope he doesn’t think this is every weekend, haha!

I also realize how some people might think Jason and I are super weird for being so “in love” with our dog and how ridiculous this all may seem. To us, he’s not “just a dog.” We truly believe that he’s part of our little family and we treat him as such. No, we don’t have kids but we are perfectly happy with our dog. Our neighbors probably think we’re crazy (as they were having a birthday party for their human daughter the same time we were having a doggy barkday for our furry child and she has also told me that she’s “just not into pets”) but honestly? I would not have it any other way. Does it get to me sometimes when I feel like people judge Jason and I for our decisions to love on Winston so much? Yes, it does. I think about it all the time and I always feel like I have to justify reasons for loving on our furry child so much, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that you’ll always be judged one way or another and you just have to be happy with your decision. And honestly, if we are happy then that should be all that matters. We are beyond happy so that’s that.

I hope you enjoy these photos! And no, we did not hire a professional photographer for this, lol – it was just with my camera!

Haha, he hated us. Don’t worry, we didn’t keep it on him.




Our corgi friends!

Winston has known Mabel since she was a tiny puppy. She has grown to be taller than Winston and Winston still thinks he’s the big ole dog! Lol

The top and bottom photo are his friends from daycare!! McKenzie and Derek! They’re called the ‘three musketeers’ at daycare, haha :)

I can’t believe he’s already two. Time flies so fast!!

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