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This is kind of a hard post to write but I have a feeling I’m not the only one feeling this sentiment. This isn’t a post that’s ‘woe is me.’ This is basically how I view blogging these days. It’s quite simply: The State of Blogging.

I’m sure a lot of seasoned and long-time bloggers can agree with me. Food blogging, and blogging in general, is not like what it was 10 years ago. Everything has shifted towards fighting algorithms, writing for SEO, and how to make money fast. We all have hired virtual assistants. If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be hiring an assistant to help me with social media and managing my blog; there’s no way I’d believe you.

There is barely any authenticity anymore. It’s all writing robotically to make sure your content gets seen. It’s all so over-saturated. I miss the fun in blogging.

It’s a double-edge sword. You want to be creative and you want to create beautiful, unique content and why? Because you want to share that with everyone. You want to inspire people. How can you share that with everyone with algorithm shifts and Google updates strewn in, what seems like, every other week?

I’m not gonna lie. It’s deflating. I often feel I’m in an uphill battle with social media and the rest of the blogging world.

Because of this, I have lost all passion in blogging and creating content. Things have sometimes been awfully quiet around here (you may not even have noticed, it’s okay…NBD, honestly). I don’t know if calling it a “rut” is a good description because I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s the passion that has dissipated. It has gotten to the point that I have even considered hiring a ghostwriter to write for me. YES. You read that right.

Call me a pessimist but it’s deflating when you devote so much time and effort into something and you’re constantly pushed back — sometimes even further than where you started. At some point, you just give in. Throw your hands in the air and take a break.

I started this blog as a creative outlet from my full-time job and while it definitely has been that way for the past seven or so years, lately it’s becoming more of a second job. Trying to keep up with all the technological changes (hello, GDPR and SSL), hashtagging and videos on Pinterest, constant SEO changes, Instagram (looking at you IG Reels) and Facebook struggles, everyone doing video and having to hire out for video or be left behind, introduction of TikTok, and brand work coming to a halt and/or not worth my time anymore because of the insane demands from clients. Like, beyond the scope of what is in the contract and quick turnarounds and little to no pay. Or what’s worse is the fact brands just give you a script these days and think you’re a walking advertisement for you. Or they micromanage the shit out of you because they don’t trust you. And yet they came to you (the creative) for work because that’s what drew them to you in the first place. There’s just a disconnect and it’s just all too much. There’s no FUN in it anymore. It’s keeping up now.

Hey, brands. You want exposure? Pay for it.

Gone are the days that influencers accept product for payment.

I know this may shock some of you but a box of pasta doesn’t pay Wells Fargo my mortgage. And a bag of granola doesn’t pay for my electric bill. I know, what is that shit? People should love food instead of money! /sarcasm

I might be fooling myself but one thing I’m doing is getting a big redesign of this blog that’s supposed to launch at the end of September. I’m hoping with a brand new site, I’ll get reenergized again? I hope so. Or maybe I’m completely fooling myself — like couples who think having a baby will solve their marriage woes.

This is definitely one of those posts that I don’t think many people will read or care for because of its “negativity,” but it’s the damn truth. I know some who are reading this right now are probably nodding and sighing and reminiscing of better days. I can look on the bright side and be all positive but there’s no point in trying to fool myself or be fake about it. This is the world of blogging as we know it now. I could own it and ride it in stride but right now, in this season, I’m choosing this route.


A part of me thinks that the blogging world has gotten oversaturated because of all the, “I made over six figures in six months” type of posts. I’m sorry, but that shit takes time. Those that did hit six figures in blogging in six months — good for them. It took me four years before I hit that and it was hard work. I’m not saying those that did it in six months or a shorter amount of time didn’t work; they probably hustled and worked their asses off and had a way better business strategy than I did…but a part of all that is also luck and networking.

Ah, networking. I miss the days of Twitter chats with friends. I miss real conversations with “Internet friends.”

Anyway, back to the “I made over six figures in six months,” talk. I feel that gave everyone the false sense of hope that it’s easy to blog and make money. That it was quick money. It’s super unrealistic.

And now all I’m reading is, “I have been blogging for over a year and I still have yet to have the traffic and money that was promised to me.”


Why is it always a numbers game?

I’m so sick of the numbers game.

“How many pageviews did you get today?”

“How many sessions did you get last month?”

“How many Instagram followers do you have?”

“How many likes did you get on your last post?”

Your success isn’t measured by numbers. Brands like to make you think that it does. In fact, everyone seems to make it seem that way. “Omg you have one million pageviews a month?! You are such a big blogger.”

It’s just like your weight on a scale doesn’t matter. It’s how you PERCEIVE yourself and how you love yourself.

Which is why I’m choosing now to just love my blog no matter which direction it goes because you know what? I’m pretty sure that is what is going to make the blog shine even more. You can tell when someone isn’t into something. Their writing, their creativity…everything is just lacking.

Shorter attention spans.

Another very frustrating part of blogging these days is the attention span battle. Blogging has always, in my eyes, been a collection of memories and stories but the shift towards getting content as fast as you can now has reduced blogging about life to a rubble.

I get so many comments about, “I don’t care about your life, just give me the recipe.” Scrolling has become such a HARD task for people that bloggers have started to implement “jump to recipe” buttons at the top of their posts.

Dude, that’s bad. I don’t even think it’s an attention span thing. I think it’s a lazy thing and everything being handed to you.

If you’re interested, this article from the NY Times is a great read. The Tyranny of Convenience — basically that everyone expects convenience now.

“The growing expectation of convenience exerts a pressure on everything else to be easy or get left behind.”

Convenience vs. lazy. Very fine line these days. I can see the convenience in ‘jump to recipe’ but I can also see the laziness in it especially when you have the audacity to write to me and offend me and yet still get the recipe for FREE.

Turn that frown upside down.

Some of you reading this may be thinking, well you can do something about it and stop your bitching. Turn it around.

Yeah, I could.

But at the same time, I am not sure I want to? That’s my internal debate. It’s not my full-time job. It started out as a passion project. A hobby. People can drop hobbies, right?

Looking back, I am proud of myself for understanding the business side of things and not quitting my full-time to blog full-time. You have no idea how many people (and still today) ask me, “when are you going to quit and blog full time?”

I can’t even imagine the stress with that, especially given my current mindset on blogging — although, some may argue that if this were my full-time…would I be feeling like this? Hard to say. I guess if this is your bread and butter, you would definitely be trying to climb that hill no matter where it takes you. So I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

I will say…the fact that blogging has changed so much has forced a lot of us to dabble in different niches; which I don’t think is a bad thing. I think it opens up the creative outlet more and not everything has to be about your niche that you started out as just because you’re primarily a food blog or fashion blog or whatever. People change. Interests change. I’m definitely not the same person I was when I first started blogging and I don’t necessarily love the same things I used to.

I do think that experimenting is fun and it makes it less “robotic” and more “real” — which is what I strive for on a daily basis. So, I will say that even though there is this negativity going on with me and blogging…there is also an opportunity for me to dabble in other niches and give the blog the chance to figure out its direction.

In conclusion…

All this to say…I’m not stepping away from the blog. I’m trying to regroup. Social media gets me nowhere now; it’s not somewhere I can really promote my new posts so I suggest signing up for my email updates where I send out emails every time I have a new post.

I’ll still be around on Instagram Stories (come say hi and see my uncurated life), if Instagram decides to show you. Oh, and if you haven’t joined my private Facebook group set up for a sense of community; you def. want to join us!

One beautiful thing that blogging did gift to me is friendship. I have met so many amazing boss ladies through this little space on the web and I can’t take that for granted. This was a predominantly negative post but I’ll end it on a positive note: I’m not alone in this sentiment and I have a set of really good friends from when blogging was more about conversations and interactions.

I also have cake. Always cake.

Your thoughts?

I’d love to hear what you guys think — both from readers and bloggers. It’d be interesting to hear from both sides.

As readers, have you seen the shift? Where more personal blogging has taken a shift and it’s sounding more ‘robotic’ and repeating the same stuff over and over again? What about blogs in general? Are they “just another website” to you now?

As bloggers, are you drowning or swimming with the tide? What are your feelings on blogging these days? Am I just jaded?

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  1. I understand your frustration. I understand that you want to share stories about your life and things you are passionate about. But you are 100% right, blogging has changed. It’s not about creative journaling anymore. Blogging has evolved and it’s about the reader and what they want. Data shows that readers do not read anymore, they skim. Market research shows most readers look at blogs for three main reasons: because they want to answer a quick question, learn how to do something or are looking to buy something. As a blogger, you have to know your audience and how to appeal to them, but you already know this because you stated that you make over 6 figures -that means at some point, you were doing something right. I think the creative sharing you want to do is probably more suited to social media. Unfortunately, you are correct, nowadays, to be a successful blogger, you have to treat your blog like a business not a hobby. And that’s not fun. I wish you luck on your new venture and hope that you are able to find your joy.

  2. Wow, this hit me hard. I have only been blogging for a year and a half and I feel this.

    Thanks for sharing your heart and struggles. It really means a lot to read this.

  3. Hello, I was read your post and I can understand why you feel that way about blogging. In the past I tried to have my own vlog aboit musí and movies and I even was admin on some site and FB groups. It should have been fun for me but it wasn’t. I felt it’s like a work for me and I expernced cyberbullying and was tired all the time and in bad moods. I decided to left those things and left all social sites cause I never been fan of that and I focused on my real life. I don’t need to be online social, or make and keep online pols, all what I need in life is to live in telaity, bw myself and be surrounded positive vibes, to having a real friends and family and being loved by someone. I can enjoy my hobbies alone and I don’t need to share it with others anymore. So i’ve done with online stiff and now I use internet only for my own purposes like at the beginning. I don’t use internet until my 22 years old. But I felt free. I like technology but internet never been something what I would like it. That’s why I am old-school. All what I can say to you is do what you want to do and be happy. Don’t waste your time for nonsense things and cherish your life. :-)