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Ireland Travel Guide Series


This Ireland travel guide and series is going an informative recap of our recent trip to Ireland.

I’ll be sharing with you a wealth of information that I hope will serve you as a resource to help you plan your next trip to Ireland.

I’m hoping to be able to share one a week for the next several weeks so definitely stay tuned if you’re interested; best to sign up for email updates if you want to stay informed with the latest!

We rented a car and drove all around the country*.

*We did not go into Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK and some rental car companies don’t let you take the car across the border without a fee. Check with your rental car company what the rules are.

While the roads are narrow in Ireland and they drive on the opposite side, this is nothing to be afraid of. Trust me. I was so stressed over this and it turned out to be not a big deal.

Use your brain and think before you do; you will be okay. After a day of driving, Jason got the hang of it and we even both understood the roundabouts and multi-lane roundabouts. They’re so incredibly efficient. I wish we had more roundabouts in America.

You can read all the horror stories you want but nothing will prepare you more than just doing it.

Someone’s experience is not your experience and your experience is not theirs. So just take everything with a grain of salt and enjoy yourself. It is vacation, after all.

Below you will find the major towns we went to. As I write each blog post, I will be linking to them.

We flew into Dublin Airport but immediately drove out to Galway/Connemara.

In this introductory post for my Ireland series, I’ll be giving you a general look at our itinerary for 8 days and also be showing you the Google Map that I created for our journey in Ireland.

This includes stops along our road trip; such as points of interest, food/drink, and just general ideas.

Again, as I write the posts for reach of these locations, I will link them up below. Consider this a working/live document.

Our Ireland Itinerary


  • Driving in Ireland

Our drive through Ireland

This is the Google Map that I created for our trip. It has several layers throughout it.

The driving layer is just the overall journey, including some stops and where we stayed.

The points of interest has stops, shops, castles, photography spots, etc. that we wanted to see/go to.

The food layer was well, food and drink! I marked everything that was suggested to us and ones I researched that I wanted to see.

Looking at this map it’s kind of incredible we did all that!

One thing I would change, now knowing all this, is that I wouldn’t have driven all the way down to Kenmare to make that our base for three days.

I would have made our base in Killarney so we could do Dingle and other places in the West.

However, next time, we will also fly into Shannon Airport instead of Dublin because we were incredibly smitten with Western Ireland and don’t really care for the bigger cities (Cork, Dublin).

Of course, there was no way to know all this prior to going so I’m definitely glad we did all this but we just have a different plan for next time we go to Ireland!

Anyway, can’t wait to share with you our adventures soon!

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