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Why I Add Collagen to my Morning Coffee Routine

This is a post in partnership with Vital Proteins. Videography: The Herrintons If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my daily coffee story. The one where I pour two shots of espresso into a cup of whole milk or almond milk. The entire process, albeit the simplest thing, is very mesmerizing. The swirl …

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Raspberry Peach Spinach Smoothie

Don’t judge this raspberry peach spinach smoothie already because of its name. Your mama taught you better than that! I’m only saying that because I don’t want you to turn away from this recipe because of the ‘spinach.’ I bet you when you first looked at the photo, you didn’t even realize there was spinach in …

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Blueberry Banana Smoothie

I have been really into blueberry-based smoothies lately. Might be because I’m totally loving the beautiful purple color of my foods lately, haha At least it’s all-natural coloring! Definitely no food coloring in these. So, if you saw my smoothie add-ins post yesterday, you’ll have seen all the add-ins that provide you immune-boosting properties, antioxidants, …

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Staple Smoothie Ingredients and Add-Ins

Okay so this post might be a no-brainer to you but my favorite part of smoothies are the add-ins! There are literally so many things you can add to your daily smoothie and I’ve only scratched the surface with what I put in mine. My smoothies all have unsweetened almond milk, kefir (or greek yogurt …

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Strawberry Rosé Mint Limeade

STRAWBERRY ROSÉ MINT LIMEADE. All caps were 100% needed for this. There is nothing more fresh than using in-season strawberries to make this strawberry rosé mint limeade. It’s got the sweetness from the strawberries, the bubbly and booze from the rosé, the refreshing mint, and of course the tanginess from the lime. Basically the best combination …

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